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Perceptions of forest experts on climate change and fire management in European Mediterranean forests

Author(s): Raftoyannis Y | Nocentini S | Marchi E | Calama Sainz R | Garcia Guemes C | Pilas I | Peric S | Amaral Paulo J | Moreira-Marcelino Ana C | Costa-Ferreira M | Kakouris E
Expansion of CD4+CD25-GITR+ regulatory T-cell subset in the peripheral blood of patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome: correlation with disease activity

Author(s): A. Alunno | G. Nocentini | O. Bistoni | M.G. Petrillo | E. Bartoloni Bocci | S. Ronchetti | E. Lo Vaglio | C. Riccardi | R. Gerli

Author(s): A. Nocentini

Author(s): A. Nocentini
Peer sexual harassment in adolescent girls: A cross-national study (Spain-Italy)

Author(s): Rosario Ortega | Virginia Sánchez | Javier Ortega-Rivera | Annalaura Nocentini | Ersilia Menesini
Empowering Students Against Bullying and Cyberbullying: Evaluation of an Italian Peer-led Model

Author(s): Ersilia Menesini | Annalaura Nocentini | Benedetta Emanuela Palladino
Balance between Regulatory T and Th17 Cells in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: The Old and the New

Author(s): Alessia Alunno | Elena Bartoloni | Onelia Bistoni | Giuseppe Nocentini | Simona Ronchetti | Sara Caterbi | Valentina Valentini | Carlo Riccardi | Roberto Gerli
Water and dissolved gas geochemistry of the monomictic Paterno sinkhole (central Italy)

Author(s): Franco Tassi | Jacopo Cabassi | Dmitri Rouwet | Roberto Palozzi | Massimiliano Marcelli | Marco Quartararo | Francesco Capecchiacci | Matteo Nocentini | Orlando Vaselli
First phase of macroinvertebrate repopulation of Lake Orta (Buccione Basin) after liming

Author(s): Anna Maria NOCENTINI | Angela BOGGERO | Giovanna DE MARGARITIS | Marcella GIANATTI
Benthos of Lake Orta in the year 1996

Author(s): Renato BAUDO | Anna OCCHIPINTI | Anna Maria NOCENTINI | Monica SABOLLA
The chemical and biological response of two remote mountain lakes in the Southern Central Alps (Italy) to twenty years of changing physical and chemical climate

Author(s): Aldo MARCHETTO | Rosario MOSELLO | Michela ROGORA | Marina MANCA | Angela BOGGERO | Giuseppe MORABITO | Simona MUSAZZI | Gabriele A. TARTARI | Anna M. NOCENTINI | Alessandra PUGNETTI | Roberta BETTINETTI | Pierisa PANZANI | Michele ARMIRAGLIO | Pierluigi CAMMARANO | Andrea LAMI
GITR-GITRL System, A Novel Player in Shock and Inflammation

Author(s): Ludovic Tibor Krausz | Rodolfo Bianchini | Simona Ronchetti | Katia Fettucciari | Giuseppe Nocentini | Carlo Riccardi
“Baldo’s Forest”: selection felling based on traditional knowledge in a beech stand in the Tuscan Appenines

Author(s): Bottalico F | Brundu P | Ciancio O | Nocentini S | Puletti N | Travaglini D
Comparison of methods to determine accurate dose calibrator activity measurements

Author(s): Strigari Lidia | Benassi Marcello | De Felice Pierino | D'Andrea Marco | Fazio Aldo | Nocentini Sandro | d'Angelo Annelisa | Ceccatelli Alessia
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