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Ecological considerations on the lake Bolonha zooplankton, Belém, Pará, Brazil

Author(s): Nuno Filipe Alves Correia de Melo | Rosildo Santos Paiva | Mauro Márcio Tavares da Silva
Ecological considerations on phytoplankton from the Guajará bay and from the Guamá river estuary in Pará, Brazil

Author(s): Rosildo Santos Paiva | Enide Eskinazi-Leça | José Zanon de Oliveira Passavante | Maria da Glória Gonçalves da Silva-Cunha | Nuno Filipe Alves Correia de Melo
Composition and distribution of the microphytoplankton from Guamá River between Belém and São Miguel do Guamá, Pará, Brazil

Author(s): Milena Daisy Ribeiro Monteiro | Nuno Filipe Alves Correia de Melo | Marcelo Augusto Moreno da Silva Alves | Rosildo Santos Paiva

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