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Evaluating Depression Care Management in a Community Setting: Main Outcomes for a Medicaid HMO Population with Multiple Medical and Psychiatric Comorbidities

Author(s): Jeanette A. Waxmonsky | Marshall Thomas | Alexis Giese | Steve Zyzanski | L. Miriam Dickinson | Gretchen Flanders McGinnis | Paul Nutting
Triapine in Clinical Practice

Author(s): Aisha B Miah | Kevin J Harrington | Chris M Nutting
Challenges in integrating 18FDG PET-CT into radiotherapy planning of head and neck cancer

Author(s): Dandekar P | Partridge M | Kazi R | Nutting C | Harrington K | Newbold K
The role of intensity-modulated radiotherapy in head and neck cancer

Author(s): Bhide S | Kazi R | Newbold K | Harrington K | Nutting C
Recent advances in radiotherapy

Author(s): Bhide SA | Nutting CM
Optimizing quantification of aortic root dilation in children and young adults

Author(s): Slesnick Timothy | Nutting Arni | Browne Lorna | Krishnamurthy Rajesh | Taylor Michael
Free breathing high temporal resolution time resolved contrast enhanced MRA (4D MRA) at high heart rates using keyhole SENSE CENTRA in congenital heart disease

Author(s): Krishnamurthy Rajesh | Slesnick Timothy | Browne Lorna | Taylor Michael | Nutting Arnie | Muthupillai Raja
Significance and prognostic impact of co-morbidity in head and neck cancer

Author(s): Kazi Rehan | Nutting Chris | Rhys-Evans Peter | Harrington Kevin
The great debate: Stroboscopy vs high- speed imaging for assessment of alaryngeal phonation

Author(s): Kazi R | Rhys-Evans P | Nutting C | Harrington K
The role of conversation in health care interventions: enabling sensemaking and learning

Author(s): Jordan Michelle | Lanham Holly | Crabtree Benjamin | Nutting Paul | Miller William | Stange Kurt | McDaniel Reuben
Quality of life outcome measures following partial glossectomy: Assessment using the UW-QOL scale

Author(s): Kazi R | Johnson C | Prasad V | De Cordova J | Venkitaraman R | Nutting C | Clarke P | Evans P | Harrington K
Size-Dependent Specific Surface Area of Nanoporous Film Assembled by Core-Shell Iron Nanoclusters

Author(s): Jiji Antony | Joseph Nutting | Donald R. Baer | Daniel Meyer | Amit Sharma | You Qiang
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