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Tissue sampling methods and standards for vertebrate genomics

Author(s): Wong Pamela BY | Wiley Edward O | Johnson Warren E | Ryder Oliver A | O’Brien Stephen J | Haussler David | Koepfli Klaus-Peter | Houck Marlys L | Perelman Polina | Mastromonaco Gabriela | Bentley Andrew C | Venkatesh Byrappa | Zhang Ya-ping | Murphy Robert W
Horizontally-aligned carbon nanotubes arrays and their interactions with liquid crystal molecules: Physical characteristics and display applications

Author(s): Frédérick Roussel | Jean-François Brun | Alexandre Allart | Limin Huang | Stephen O’Brien
Emerging Viruses in the Felidae: Shifting Paradigms

Author(s): Stephen J. O’Brien | Jennifer L. Troyer | Meredith A. Brown | Warren E. Johnson | Agostinho Antunes | Melody E. Roelke | Jill Pecon-Slattery
Origin of defect-related green emission from ZnO nanoparticles: effect of surface modification

Author(s): Gong Yinyan | Andelman Tamar | Neumark Gertrude | O’Brien Stephen | Kuskovsky Igor

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