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Ge/Si Quantum Dots Superlattices Grown at Different Temperatures and Characterized by Raman Spectroscopy and Capacitance Measurements

Author(s): A. D. Rodrigues | A. J. Chiquito | G. Zanelatto | A. G. Milekhin | A. I. Nikiforov | V. V. Ulyanov | O. P. Pchelyakov | D. R. T. Zahn | J. C. Galzerani
Investigation of Ge1-xSnx/Ge with high Sn composition grown at low-temperature

Author(s): I. S. Yu | T. H. Wu | K. Y. Wu | H. H. Cheng | V. I. Mashanov | A. I. Nikiforov | O. P. Pchelyakov | X. S. Wu
Formation of Ge-Sn nanodots on Si(100) surfaces by molecular beam epitaxy

Author(s): Mashanov Vladimir | Ulyanov Vladimir | Timofeev Vyacheslav | Nikiforov Aleksandr | Pchelyakov Oleg | Yu Ing-Song | Cheng Henry
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