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Evaluation of natural convection flow of a nanofluid over a linearly stretching sheet in the presence of magnetic field by the differential transformation method

Author(s): Yahyazadeh Hossein | Ganji Domairry Davood | Yahyazadeh Arash | Khalili Taghi Mohammad | Jalili Payam | Jouya Mohsen
Stromal Cell Derived Factor-1 Genetic Variation at Locus 801 in Patients with Myasthenia Gravis

Author(s): Gholam Ali Yousefipour | Mohammad Reza Haghshenas | Sara Yahyazadeh | Nasrollah Erfani
Short Term Outcome of Patients with Hematochezia and Normal Initial Colonoscopic Findings: Do They Really Need Further Screening?

Author(s): SA Taghavi | S Sha`bani | M Khademalhoseini | N Shabanipour | A Mehramiri | S Negahban | S Yahyazadeh | A Eshraghian
A serological investigation of bluetongue virus in cattle of south-east Iran

Author(s): Ali Asghar Mozaffari | Mohammad Khalili | Farhang Yahyazadeh
Synthesis of Novel 6-Cyano-9-(aryl)-9H-purine Derivatives Via Formamidine Intermediates

Author(s): Hashemi Seyyed Milad | Yahyazadeh Asieh | Nami Navabeh
Synthesis and Characterization of 6-Carbamoyl-1,2-dihydropurines

Author(s): Asieh Yahyazadeh | Fatemah Hossaini
"The prevalence of mental disorders in male prisoners of Qasr prison in Tehran"

Author(s): V. Shariat | M. Asadi | M. Norouzian | M. Pakravan-Nejad | O. Yahyazadeh | Sh. Aghayan
Neurological Soft Signs in Male Prison Inmates

Author(s): M. Noroozian | V. Shariat | M. Assadi | O. Yahyazadeh | M. Pakravan | Sh. Aghayan
Determination of the factors affecting duration of hospitalization inpatients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in Iran

Author(s): Seyed Ali Javad Mousavi | Seyed Mohammad Fereshtehnejad | Neda Khalili | Malihe Naghavi | Hooman Yahyazadeh
Amniotic fluid OD 650 level and its sensitivity and specificity in prediction of fetal lung maturity

Author(s): Khezerdost S | Bahadori F | Shafaat M | Yahyazadeh H | Yahyazadeh N | Amini E
Detection of bladder transitional cell carcinoma: urinary hTERT assay versus urine cytology

Author(s): Yahyazadeh SR | Mehraban D | Ghaffari SH | Alimoghadam K | Ghavamzadeh A | Naderi Gh | Kazemeyni SM | Rasteh M
Hepatitis B Infection in Hemodialysis Patients in Tehran Province, Iran

Author(s): Mitra Mahdavimazdeh | Seyed Mohammadmehdi Hosseini-Moghaddam | Seyed Moayed Alavian | Hooman Yahyazadeh
Polytetrafluoroethylene Vascular Graft as a Rescuer of Short Renal Vessels During Kidney Transplantation

Author(s): Gholam Hossein Naderi | Darab Mehraban | Seyed Mohammad Kazemeyni | Seyed Reza Yahyazadeh | Amir Hossein Latif
Bladder Neck Preservation During Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy and Postoperative Urinary Continence

Author(s): Ali Razi | Seyed Reza Yahyazadeh | Mohammad Ali Sedighi Gilani | Seyed Mohammad Kazemeyni
Tacrolimus Rescue Therapy for Corticosteroid-Resistant and Polyclonal Antibody-Resistant Kidney Allograft Rejections

Author(s): Gholam Hossein Naderi | Darab Mehraban | Mohammad Reza Ganji | Seyed Reza Yahyazadeh | Amir Hossein Latif
Transanal Repair of Rectourethral and Rectovaginal Fistulas

Author(s): Ali Razi Razi | Seyed Reza Yahyazadeh Yahyazadeh | Mohammad Ali Sedighi Gilani Gilani | Seyed Mohammad Kazemeyni Kazemeyni
Sexual Dysfunction in Aging Men With Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms

Author(s): Darab Mehraban | Gholam Hossein Naderi | Seyed Reza Yahyazadeh | Mahdi Amirchaghmaghi
Pulmonary Hypertension and Predisposing Factors in Patients Receiving Hemodialysis

Author(s): Seyed Alijavad Mousavi | Mitra Mahdavi-Mazdeh | Hooman Yahyazadeh | Mitra Azadi | Nahid Rahimzadeh | Hajar Yoosefnejad | Yoosef Ataiipoor
The Use of Oxolinic Acid to Enrich Artemia urmiana from Urmia Lake, Iran

Author(s): Miryosef Yahyazadeh | Amin Eimanifar | William N. Camargo | Mehdi Soltani | Feridon Mohebbi
Pulmonary Hypertension in Hemodialysis Patients

Author(s): Mahdavi-Mazdeh Mitra | Alijavad-Mousavi Seyed | Yahyazadeh Hooman | Azadi Mitra | Yoosefnejad Hajar | Ataiipoor Yoosef
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