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diArk 2.0 provides detailed analyses of the ever increasing eukaryotic genome sequencing data

Author(s): Hammesfahr Björn | Odronitz Florian | Hellkamp Marcel | Kollmar Martin
Predicting mutually exclusive spliced exons based on exon length, splice site and reading frame conservation, and exon sequence homology

Author(s): Pillmann Holger | Hatje Klas | Odronitz Florian | Hammesfahr Björn | Kollmar Martin
WebScipio: An online tool for the determination of gene structures using protein sequences

Author(s): Odronitz Florian | Pillmann Holger | Keller Oliver | Waack Stephan | Kollmar Martin
Scipio: Using protein sequences to determine the precise exon/intron structures of genes and their orthologs in closely related species

Author(s): Keller Oliver | Odronitz Florian | Stanke Mario | Kollmar Martin | Waack Stephan
diArk – a resource for eukaryotic genome research

Author(s): Odronitz Florian | Hellkamp Marcel | Kollmar Martin

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