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No Name, No Game

Author(s): Yves Samyn | Olivier De Clerck
Variability of Non-Polar Secondary Metabolites in the Red Alga Portieria

Author(s): Dioli Ann Payo | Joannamel Colo | Hilconida Calumpong | Olivier de Clerck
Complex phylogenetic distribution of a non-canonical genetic code in green algae

Author(s): Cocquyt Ellen | Gile Gillian | Leliaert Frederik | Verbruggen Heroen | Keeling Patrick | De Clerck Olivier
Data mining approach identifies research priorities and data requirements for resolving the red algal tree of life

Author(s): Verbruggen Heroen | Maggs Christine | Saunders Gary | Le Gall Line | Yoon Hwan | De Clerck Olivier
Gain and loss of elongation factor genes in green algae

Author(s): Cocquyt Ellen | Verbruggen Heroen | Leliaert Frederik | Zechman Frederick | Sabbe Koen | De Clerck Olivier

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