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Impact on continuity of care of decentralized versus partly centralized mental health care in Northern Norway

Author(s): Lars Henrik Myklebust | Reidun Olstad | Svein Bjorbekkmo | Martin Eisemann | Rolf Wynn | Knut Sørgaard
Time-trends in the utilization of decentralized mental health services in Norway - A natural experiment: The VELO-project

Author(s): Myklebust Lars | Sørgaard Knut | Bjorbekkmo Svein | Eisemann Martin | Olstad Reidun
Decentralization matters – Differently organized mental health services relationship to staff competence and treatment practice: the VELO study

Author(s): Bjorbekkmo Svein | Myklebust Lars | Olstad Reidun | Molvik Stian | Nymann Asle | Sørgaard Knut
Between health care and social security – psychiatric patients and the disability pension system in Norway and Russia

Author(s): Rezvyy Grigory | Schönfelder Walter | Øiesvold Terje | Olstad Reidun | Midré Georges
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