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Using highly variable warfarin dosing to identify patients at risk for adverse events

Author(s): Marrast Lyndonna | Evans Mary | Ozonoff Al | Henault Lori | Rose Adam
A power comparison of generalized additive models and the spatial scan statistic in a case-control setting

Author(s): Young Robin | Weinberg Janice | Vieira VerĂ³nica | Ozonoff Al | Webster Thomas
Effect of spatial resolution on cluster detection: a simulation study

Author(s): Ozonoff Al | Jeffery Caroline | Manjourides Justin | White Laura | Pagano Marcello
Cluster detection methods applied to the Upper Cape Cod cancer data

Author(s): Ozonoff Al | Webster Thomas | Vieira Veronica | Weinberg Janice | Ozonoff David | Aschengrau Ann
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