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Selection and Characterization of Geological Sites able to Host a Pilot-Scale CO2 Storage in the Paris Basin (GéoCarbone-PICOREF) Choix et caractérisation de sites géologiques propices à l’installation d’un pilote pour le stockage de CO2 dans le bassin de Paris (GéoCarbone-PICOREF)

Author(s): Brosse É. | Badinier G. | Blanchard F. | Caspard E. | Collin P.Y. | Delmas J. | Dezayes C. | Dreux R. | Dufournet A. | Durst P. | Fillacier S. | Garcia D. | Grataloup S. | Hanot F. | Hasanov V. | Houel P. | Kervévan C. | Lansiart M. | Lescanne M. | Menjoz A. | Monnet M. | Mougin P. | Nedelec B. | Poutrel A. | Rachez X. | Renoux P. | Rigollet C. | Ruffier-Meray V. | Saysset S. | Thinon I. | Thoraval A. | Vidal-Gilbert S.
Method development estimating ambient mercury concentration from monitored mercury wet deposition

Author(s): S. M. Chen | X. Qiu | L. Zhang | F. Yang | P. Blanchard
Growth and death kinetics of CHO cells cultivated in continuous bioreactor at various agitation rates

Author(s): Balandras Frédérique | Olmos Eric | Hecklau Caroline | Blanchard Fabrice | Guedon Emmanuel | Marc Annie
Diagnosis and Therapeutic Management of Parathyroid Cysts

Author(s): Jean-Baptiste Finel | Stéphanie Mucci | Frédéric Branger | Aurélien Venara | Laure Blanchard | Antoine Hamy
Impact of Quantum Fluctuations on the Modulational Instability of a Modified Gross-Pitaevskii Equation with Two-Body Interaction

Author(s): Camus Gaston Latchio Tiofack | Thierry Blanchard Ekogo | Hermance Moussambi | Alidou Mohamadou | Timoleon C. Kofane
Time-Delayed Interactions in Networks of Self-Adapting Hopf Oscillators

Author(s): Julio Rodriguez | Max-Olivier Hongler | Philippe Blanchard
Risky Behaviors among HIV-Positive Female Sex Workers in Northern Karnataka, India

Author(s): Apoorva Jadhav | Parinita Bhattacharjee | T. Raghavendra | James Blanchard | Stephen Moses | Shajy Isac | Shiva S. Halli
The Female Sex Work Industry in a District of India in the Context of HIV Prevention

Author(s): Raluca Buzdugan | Shiva S. Halli | Jyoti M. Hiremath | Krishnamurthy Jayanna | T. Raghavendra | Stephen Moses | James Blanchard | Graham Scambler | Frances Cowan
The Intersection between Sex Work and Reproductive Health in Northern Karnataka, India: Identifying Gaps and Opportunities in the Context of HIV Prevention

Author(s): Marissa Becker | Satyanarayana Ramanaik | Shiva Halli | James F. Blanchard | T. Raghavendra | Parinita Bhattacharjee | Stephen Moses | Lisa Avery | Sharmistha Mishra
Checklist of the ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) of the Solomon Islands and a new survey of Makira Island

Author(s): Eli Sarnat | Benjamin Blanchard | Benoit Guénard | John Fasi | Evan Economo
Bolstering the Evidence Base for Integrating Abortion and HIV Care: A Literature Review

Author(s): Ruth Manski | Amanda Dennis | Kelly Blanchard | Naomi Lince | Dan Grossman
Entrepreneurial Environment and the Prevalence of Diabetes in U.S. Counities

Author(s): Troy C. Blanchard | Jing Li | Carson Mencken | Charles M. Tolbert
Genre et jeunesse à l'époque contemporaine

Author(s): Véronique Blanchard
Intragastric and Intranasal Administration of Lactobacillus paracasei NCC2461 Modulates Allergic Airway Inflammation in Mice

Author(s): Céline Pellaton | Sophie Nutten | Anne-Christine Thierry | Caroline Boudousquié | Nathalie Barbier | Carine Blanchard | Blaise Corthésy | Annick Mercenier | François Spertini
Gastric Ollulanus tricuspis infection identified in captive cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) with chronic vomiting : case report

Author(s): M.G. Collett | W.E. Pomroy | W.G. Guilford | A.C. Johnstone | B.J. Blanchard | S.G. Mirams
Bolivie, de l'autonomie à l'éclatement ?

Author(s): Sophie Blanchard
Oral health in a First Nations and a non-Aboriginal population in Manitoba

Author(s): Andrea Katryn Blanchard | Xikui Wang | Hani El-Gabalawy | Qier Tan | Pam Orr | Brenda Elias | Patricia Rawsthorne | Donna Hart | Shirley Chubey | Charles N. Bernstein
Estimation of speciated and total mercury dry deposition at monitoring locations in eastern and central North America

Author(s): L. Zhang | P. Blanchard | D. A. Gay | E. M. Prestbo | M. R. Risch | D. Johnson | J. Narayan | R. Zsolway | T. M. Holsen | E. K. Miller | M. S. Castro | J. A. Graydon | V. L. St. Louis | J. Dalziel
Deindustrialization, Class, and Adolescents: Changing Gender Attitudes in Middletown

Author(s): Lisa Winters | Wanda Rushing | Martin Levin | Troy Blanchard
Der Rodderberg-Krater bei Bonn

Author(s): Ludwig Zöller | Ulrich Hambach | Henrik Blanchard | Stefanie Fischer | Sven Köhne | Rüdiger Stritzke
Current and Evolving Clinical Options for HIV-Infected Patients with Chronic Diarrhoea

Author(s): Tom Wingfield | Ashley Pennell | Tom J. Blanchard
Estimation of speciated and total mercury dry deposition at monitoring locations in Eastern and Central North America

Author(s): L. Zhang | P. Blanchard | D. A. Gay | E. M. Prestbo | M. R. Risch | D. Johnson | J. Narayan | R. Zsolway | T. M. Holsen | E. K. Miller | M. S. Castro | J. A. Graydon | V. L. St. Louis | J. Dalziel

Author(s): Frederick Blanchard
Some Account of Our Species of Geotrupes

Author(s): Frederick Blanchard
Lixus Rubellus Randall

Author(s): Frederick Blanchard
Heterologous prime-boost-boost immunisation of Chinese cynomolgus macaques using DNA and recombinant poxvirus vectors expressing HIV-1 virus-like particles

Author(s): Bridge Simon | Sharpe Sally | Dennis Mike | Dowall Stuart | Getty Brian | Anson Donald | Skinner Michael | Stewart James | Blanchard Tom
Delineation in thoracic oncology: a prospective study of the effect of training on contour variability and dosimetric consequences

Author(s): Dewas Sylvain | Bibault Jean-Emmanuel | Blanchard Pierre | Vautravers-Dewas Claire | Pointreau Yoann | Denis Fabrice | Brauner Michel | Giraud Philippe
Surgical and medical second trimester abortion in South Africa: A cross-sectional study

Author(s): Grossman Daniel | Constant Deborah | Lince Naomi | Alblas Marijke | Blanchard Kelly | Harries Jane
Methodology for the development of a Canadian national EMS research agenda

Author(s): Jensen Jan | Blanchard Ian | Bigham Blair | Dainty Katie | Socha Doug | Carter Alix | Brown Lawrence | Craig Alan | Travers Andrew | Brown Ryan | Cain Ed | Morrison Laurie
An integrated structural intervention to reduce vulnerability to HIV and sexually transmitted infections among female sex workers in Karnataka state, south India

Author(s): Gurnani Vandana | Beattie Tara | Bhattacharjee Parinita | Mohan HL | Maddur Srinath | Washington Reynold | Isac Shajy | Ramesh BM | Moses Stephen | Blanchard James
Study Protocol: The Behaviour and Pain in Dementia Study (BePAID)

Author(s): Scott Sharon | Jones Louise | Blanchard Martin | Sampson Elizabeth
Object-Based Image Analysis of Downed Logs in Disturbed Forested Landscapes Using Lidar

Author(s): Samuel D. Blanchard | Marek K. Jakubowski | Maggi Kelly
Biofuels and biodiversity in South Africa

Author(s): Ryan Blanchard | David M. Richardson | Patrick J. O’Farrell | Graham P. von Maltitz
Web GIS in practice X: a Microsoft Kinect natural user interface for Google Earth navigation

Author(s): Kamel Boulos Maged | Blanchard Bryan | Walker Cory | Montero Julio | Tripathy Aalap | Gutierrez-Osuna Ricardo
The Bone Niche of Chondrosarcoma: A Sanctuary for Drug Resistance, Tumour Growth and also a Source of New Therapeutic Targets

Author(s): E. David | F. Blanchard | M. F. Heymann | G. De Pinieux | F. Gouin | F. Rédini | D. Heymann
The Pesticide Risk Beliefs Inventory: A Quantitative Instrument for the Assessment of Beliefs about Pesticide Risks

Author(s): Catherine E. LePrevost | Margaret R. Blanchard | W. Gregory Cope
Mycoplasma mycoides, from "mycoides Small Colony" to "capri". A microevolutionary perspective

Author(s): Thiaucourt Francois | Manso-Silvan Lucia | Salah Woubit | Barbe Valérie | Vacherie Benoit | Jacob Daniel | Breton Marc | Dupuy Virginie | Lomenech Anne | Blanchard Alain | Sirand-Pugnet Pascal
Les logiciels sociaux, une histoire ancienne, un développement nouveau

Author(s): Bruno Salgues | Olivia Bernard | Mélanie Blanchard
Portal vein ligation accelerates tumor growth in ligated, but not contralateral lobes

Author(s): Nozomu Sakai, Callisia N Clarke, Rebecca Schuster, John Blanchard, Amit D Tevar, Michael J Edwards, Alex B Lentsch
Automatic evaluation of the sinus of Valsalva from cine-MRI in patients with dilated aortic root

Author(s): Blanchard Cédric | Sliwa Tadeusz | Lalande Alain | Steinmetz Eric | Mohan Pauliah | Bouchot Olivier | Voisin Yvon

Author(s): Stéphanie Blanchard | Irina Grig-Alexa | Oana-Irina Patriciu | Adriana Fînaru | Gérald Guillaumet
Abundance and conservation status of two newly described lemur species in northwestern Madagascar (Microcebus danfossi, Lepilemur grewcockorum)

Author(s): Blanchard Randrianambinina | Solofonirina Rasoloharijaona | Romule Rakotondravony | Elke Zimmermann | Ute Radespiel
Deficiti tekućeg bilansa u bogatim zemljama

Author(s): Blanchard Olivier J.
Interaction of human dipeptidyl peptidase IV and human immunodeficiency virus type-1 transcription transactivator in Sf9 cells

Author(s): Tansi Felista | Blanchard Véronique | Berger Markus | Tauber Rudolf | Reutter Werner | Fan Hua
Frameshift mutation hotspot identified in Smith-Magenis syndrome: case report and review of literature

Author(s): Truong Hoa | Dudding Tracy | Blanchard Christopher | Elsea Sarah
Left ventricular strain and strain rate by 2D speckle tracking in chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension before and after pulmonary thromboendarterectomy

Author(s): Olson Nicholas | Brown Jason | Kahn Andrew | Auger William | Madani Michael | Waltman Thomas | Blanchard Daniel
Acquired hemophilia as the cause of life-threatening hemorrhage in a 94-year-old man: a case report

Author(s): Kelesidis Theodoros | Raphael Jonelle | Blanchard Elizabeth | Parameswaran Rekha
A longitudinal and cross-sectional examination of the relationship between reasons for choosing a neighbourhood, physical activity and body mass index

Author(s): Berry Tanya | Spence John | Blanchard Chris | Cutumisu Nicoleta | Edwards Joy | Selfridge Genevieve
Repensar la política macroeconómica

Author(s): Olivier Blanchard | Giovanni Dell’Ariccia | Paolo Mauro
The individualized service plan as a clinical integration tool: qualitative analysis in the Quebec PRISMA experiment

Author(s): Dominique Somme | Réjean Hébert | Gina Bravo | François Blanchard | Olivier Saint-Jean
Multilevel and multiscale drought reanalysis over France with the Safran-Isba-Modcou hydrometeorological suite

Author(s): J.-P. Vidal | E. Martin | L. Franchistéguy | F. Habets | J.-M. Soubeyroux | M. Blanchard | M. Baillon
Comparative genomic and proteomic analyses of two Mycoplasma agalactiae strains: clues to the macro- and micro-events that are shaping mycoplasma diversity

Author(s): Nouvel Laurent | Sirand-Pugnet Pascal | Marenda Marc | Sagné Eveline | Barbe Valérie | Mangenot Sophie | Schenowitz Chantal | Jacob Daniel | Barré Aurélien | Claverol Stéphane | Blanchard Alain | Citti Christine
Multilevel and multiscale drought reanalysis over France with the Safran-Isba-Modcou hydrometeorological suite

Author(s): J.-P. Vidal | E. Martin | L. Franchistéguy | F. Habets | J.-M. Soubeyroux | M. Blanchard | M. Baillon
Genoviz Software Development Kit: Java tool kit for building genomics visualization applications

Author(s): Helt Gregg | Nicol John | Erwin Ed | Blossom Eric | Blanchard Steven | Chervitz Stephen | Harmon Cyrus | Loraine Ann
Healthcare professionals and managers' participation in developing an intervention: A pre-intervention study in the elderly care context

Author(s): Vedel Isabelle | De Stampa Matthieu | Bergman Howard | Ankri Joel | Cassou Bernard | Blanchard François | Lapointe Liette
Implication of scavenger receptors in the interactions between diesel exhaust particles and immature or mature dendritic cells

Author(s): Taront Solenne | Dieudonné Audrey | Blanchard Simon | Jeannin Pascale | Lassalle Philippe | Delneste Yves | Gosset Philippe
Imaging the neural circuitry and chemical control of aggressive motivation

Author(s): Ferris Craig | Stolberg Tara | Kulkarni Praveen | Murugavel Murali | Blanchard Robert | Blanchard D Caroline | Febo Marcelo | Brevard Mathew | Simon Neal
Palliative care in advanced dementia; A mixed methods approach for the development of a complex intervention

Author(s): Sampson Elizabeth | Thuné-Boyle Ingela | Kukkastenvehmas Riitta | Jones Louise | Tookman Adrian | King Michael | Blanchard Martin
The Metabolic Syndrome and the immediate antihypertensive effects of aerobic exercise: a randomized control design

Author(s): Pescatello Linda | Blanchard Bruce | Van Heest Jaci | Maresh Carl | Gordish-Dressman Heather | Thompson Paul
Design of Cocaethylene and Cocaine conjugates to produce highly selective Polyclonal Antibodies

Author(s): Caroline Gadjou | Yannic Danger | Pierre Sandouk | ean-Michel Scherrmann | Dominique Blanchard | Gilles Folléa | Hervé Galons
Unexpected species diversity of Malagasy primates (Lepilemur spp.) in the same biogeographical zone: a morphological and molecular approach with the description of two new species

Author(s): Craul Mathias | Zimmermann Elke | Rasoloharijaona Solofonirina | Randrianambinina Blanchard | Radespiel Ute
How effective is tetracaine 4% gel, before a venipuncture, in reducing procedural pain in infants: a randomized double-blind placebo controlled trial

Author(s): Lemyre Brigitte | Hogan Debora | Gaboury Isabelle | Sherlock Rebecca | Blanchard Colline | Moher David
Dietary calcium intake and Renin Angiotensin System polymorphisms alter the blood pressure response to aerobic exercise: a randomized control design

Author(s): Pescatello Linda | Turner Debbie | Rodriguez Nancy | Blanchard Bruce | Tsongalis Gregory | Maresh Carl | Duffy Valerie | Thompson Paul
Transformation of human bronchial epithelial cells alters responsiveness to inflammatory cytokines

Author(s): Loewen Gregory | Tracy Erin | Blanchard Frédéric | Tan Dongfeng | Yu Jihnhee | Raza Sameera | Matsui Sei-Ichi | Baumann Heinz
Sensori-motor adaptation to knee osteoarthritis during stepping-down before and after total knee replacement

Author(s): Mouchnino L | Gueguen N | Blanchard C | Boulay C | Gimet G | Viton J-M | Franceschi J-P | Delarque A
A brief visual primer for the mapping of mortality trend data

Author(s): James Wesley | Cossman Ronald | Cossman Jeralynn | Campbell Carol | Blanchard Troy
The brain decade in debate: II. Panic or anxiety? From animal models to a neurobiological basis

Author(s): Andreatini R. | Blanchard C. | Blanchard R. | Brandão M.L. | Carobrez A.P. | Griebel G. | Guimarães F.S. | Handley S.L. | Jenck F. | Leite J.R. | Rodgers J. | Schenberg L.C. | Da Cunha C. | Graeff F.G.
The brain decade in debate: III. Neurobiology of emotion

Author(s): Blanchard C. | Blanchard R. | Fellous J.-M. | Guimarães F.S. | Irwin W. | LeDoux J.E. | McGaugh J.L. | Rosen J.B. | Schenberg L.C. | Volchan E. | Da Cunha C.
Modelling HIV/AIDS epidemics in Botswana and India: impact of interventions to prevent transmission

Author(s): Nagelkerke Nico J.D. | Jha Prabhat | Vlas Sake J. de | Korenromp Eline L. | Moses Stephen | Blanchard James F. | Plummer Frank A.
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