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Effect of structural modifications on the drying kinetics of foods: changes in volume, surface area and product shape

Author(s): Antonio De Michelis | Carlos A. Márquez | Alejandra Mabellini | Elizabeth Ohaco | Sergio A. Giner
Effects of Pretreatments in Convective Dehydration of Rosehip (Rosa eglanteria)

Author(s): Alejandra Mabellini | Elizabeth Ohaco | Carlos Alberto Márquez | Antonio De Michelis | Jorge Enrique Lozano
Radio Echo Sounding (RES) investigations at Talos Dome (East Antarctica): bedrock topography and ice thickness

Author(s): C. Bianchi | L. Cafarella | P. De Michelis | A. Forieri | M. Frezzotti | I. E. Tabacco | A. Zirizzotti
Use of bone marrow cells (BMCS) added to Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for treatment of bone degenerative processes in JIA patients: a case report

Author(s): Alpigiani MG | Salvati P | Muraca M | Callegari S | Tripodi G | Lorini R | Michelis MB | Boero S
Extraction of Zinc and Manganese from Alkaline and Zinc-Carbon Spent Batteries by Citric-Sulphuric Acid Solution

Author(s): Francesco Ferella | Ida De Michelis | Francesca Beolchini | Valentina Innocenzi | Francesco Vegliò
On the terms of geomagnetic daily variation in Antarctica

Author(s): P. De Michelis | R. Tozzi | A. Meloni
Chemical Characterization and Evolution of Ascorbic Acid Concentration During Dehydration of Rosehip (Rosa eglanteria) Fruits

Author(s): Beatriz N. Pirone | Monica R. Ochoa | Alicia G. Kesseler | Antonio De Michelis
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