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Nontrivial Solutions to the Cubic Sieve Congruence Problem: x³ = y²z mod p

Author(s): Subhamoy Maitra | Y. V. Subba Rao | Pantelimon Stanica | Sugata Gangopadhyay

Mining sensor datasets with spatiotemporal neighborhoods

Author(s): Michael Patrick McGuire | Vandana Janeja | Aryya Gangopadhyay
Improvement of Bioavailability of Poorly Soluble Drugs through Self Emulsifying Drug Delivery System

Author(s): Sanjay Dey* | Sajal Kumar Jha | Jadupati Malakar | Amites Gangopadhyay
Chaotic Discrimination and Non-Linear Dynamics

Author(s): Partha Gangopadhyay
Artificial Shortages and Strategic Pricing

Author(s): Mouataz Zreika | Partha Gangopadhyay
Application of Theories of Complexity and Chaos to Economic Misgovernance

Author(s): Partha Gangopadhyay | Nasser Elkanj | Mustafa A. Rahman
Why Is It So Difficult to Optimally Choose Innovation? Lest We Forget the Real World

Author(s): Partha Gangopadhyay | Takemi Fujikawa | Yohei Kobayashi
A Clue to Understand Environmental Influence on Friction and Wear of Diamond-Like Nanocomposite Thin Film

Author(s): Sukhendu Jana | Sayan Das | Utpal Gangopadhyay | Anup Mondal | Prajit Ghosh
Transparent Electrode Materials for Simultaneous Amperometric Detection of Exocytosis and Fluorescence Microscopy

Author(s): Kassandra Kisler | Brian N. Kim | Xin Liu | Khajak Berberian | Qinghua Fang | Cherian J. Mathai | Shubhra Gangopadhyay | Kevin D. Gillis | Manfred Lindau
8. Spectrophotometric method for simultaneous determination of atenolol and atorvastatin in tablet dosage forms

Author(s): S. Dey | S. Sarkar | J. Malakar | A. Ghosh | A. Gangopadhyay | B. Mazumder

Author(s): Malakar Jadupati | Gangopadhyay Amites | Nayak Amit Kumar
Bribe-Giving and Endogenous Partnership in Oligopolies: Some Theoretical Conjectures

Author(s): Partha Gangopadhyay | Jenny Zhang | Mark Zreika
Effects of argon ion irradiation on nucleation and growth of silver nanoparticles in a soda-glass matrix

Author(s): P. Gangopadhyay | P. Magudapathy | S. K. Srivastava | K. G. M. Nair | B. K. Panigrahi
Quality Traps in Localized Competition

Author(s): Partha Gangopadhyay | Mustafa A Rahman | Nasser Elkanj
Development of streamflow projections under changing climate conditions over Colorado River basin headwaters

Author(s): W. P. Miller | T. C. Piechota | S. Gangopadhyay | T. Pruitt
Cytopathological Dilemma of Anaplastic Sacral Chordoma with Radiological and Histological Corroboration


Study of risk factors for std and HIV infection among fish spawn traders: A unique mobile population

Author(s): Banerjee Sabyasachi | Gangopadhyay Dwijendra | Singh Sujay | Majumdar Sreeparna
Pentoxifylline versus prednisolone for severe alcoholic hepatitis: A randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Binay Krishna De, Subhabrata Gangopadhyay, Deep Dutta, Sumanta Das Baksi, Adyapad Pani, Pramit Ghosh
Cytological diagnosis of adamantinoma of long bone in a 78-year-old man

Author(s): Gangopadhyay Mimi | Pramanik Raghunath | Chakrabarty Subrata | Bera Pranati
Split notochord syndrome associated with dorsal neuroenteric fistula: A rare entity

Author(s): Srivastava Punit | Gangopadhyay A | Gupta D | Sharma S
Ocular surface disorder in pterygium: Role of conjunctival impression cytology

Author(s): Bandyopadhyay Ranjana | Nag Dipanwita | Mondal Santosh | Gangopadhyay Susmita | Bagchi Ketaki | Bhaduri Gautam
Nail changes and nail disorders in the elderly

Author(s): Rao Sudhakar | Banerjee Sabyasachi | Ghosh Sadhan | Gangopadhyay Dwijendra Nath | Jana Sukumar | Mridha Kakali
Hypothermia predicts mortality in critically ill elderly patients with sepsis

Author(s): Tiruvoipati Ravindranath | Ong Kevin | Gangopadhyay Himangsu | Arora Subhash | Carney Ian | Botha John
Idiopathic granulomatous mastitis-utility of fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) in preventing unnecessary surgery

Author(s): Mimi Gangopadhyay | Anuradha De | Indranil Chakrabarti | Sailesh Ray | Amita Giri | Rinki Das
Development of streamflow projections under changing climate conditions over Colorado River Basin headwaters

Author(s): W. P. Miller | T. C. Piechota | S. Gangopadhyay | T. Pruitt
Work-related musculoskeletal disorder: An occupational disorder of the goldsmiths in India

Author(s): Ghosh Tirthankar | Das Banibrata | Gangopadhyay Somnath
Few More Words On Punch Graft In Vitiligo

Author(s): Gangopadhyay Asok Kumar
Bombay Leprosy Project : The Trend-Setter

Author(s): Gangopadhyay D.N
Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome With Naevus Unius Lateris

Author(s): Chanda M | Gangopadhyay D N | Senapati S | Dutta R N
Xanthoma Disseminatum

Author(s): Gangopadhyay D.N | Dey S.K | Chanda M | Pal D
Overlap Of Reticulate Acropigmentation Of Kitamura And Dowling- Degos Disease

Author(s): Dawn Goutam | Kanwar Amrinder J | Gangopadhyay Mitali

Author(s): Dey S.K | Sarkar A | Gangopadhyay D.N | Chanda M
Trichoepithelioma And Multiple Basal Cell Epithelioma

Author(s): Dey S.K | Gangopadhyay D.N
Thyroid Function In Vitiligo

Author(s): Chanda M | Dey S K | Gangopadhyay D N | Choudhuri S C | Roy A
Mycetoma At An Unusual Site

Author(s): Roy Aloke K R | Ghosh Sadhan K R | Gangopadhyay Debabrata | Das Jayasri
Herpes Zoster In A 3 Month Old Infant

Author(s): Gangopadhyay D N | Barbhuiya J N | Dey S K
Juvenile Xanthogranuloma

Author(s): Gangopadhyay Asok Kumar
Lymphocytoma Cutis

Author(s): Gangopadhyay DN | Dey S K | Barbhuiya J N
Status Of Leprosy Patients After W.H.O. MDT - A Surveillance Study

Author(s): Ghosh A. K | Ghosal A. M | Gangopadhyay D. N | Bhattacharjee K | Roy M | Dutta R. N
Tuberculosis Lymphoedema Cutis

Author(s): Gangopadhyay Asok Kumar
Localised Unilateral Facial Hemiatrophy

Author(s): Gangopadhyay Asok | Bandyopadhyay Paritosh
Epidermal nevus syndrome with osteosclerosis

Author(s): Barbhuiya JN | Gangopadhyay PK | Bhattacharjee NK | Guha PK.
Primary systemic amyloidosis with peripheral neuropathy : a case report.

Author(s): Ghosh SK | Gangopadhyay DN | Roy AK | Panja SK
Pretibial Myxedema

Author(s): Gangopadhyay Ashok kumar
Atopic Diathesis - An Addendum

Author(s): Gangopadhyay Ashok kumar
Epidermolysis Bullosa Acquisita

Author(s): Gangopadhyay Asok Kumar
Confluent And Reticulate Papillomatosis

Author(s): Gangopadhyay Asok Kumar
Primary Osteoma Cutis

Author(s): Gangopadhyay Asok Kumar
HIV Seropositivity among STD patients

Author(s): Sarkar A | Dey S | Gangopadhyay D
Subcutaneous Sarcoidosis - A Case Report

Author(s): Gangopadhyay Asok Kumar
Controversies Regarding Management Of Ten

Author(s): Gangopadhyay D.N
A Study On The Rate And Pattern Of Cutaneous Reactions To Drugs

Author(s): Gangopadhyay D.N | Chowdhari S
Study Of Nail Changes In Psoriasis

Author(s): Ghosal Astikmoni | Gangopadhyay D N | Chanda M | Das Nilay Kanti
Calcified pure uterine lipoma mimicking myoma

Author(s): Arghya Bandopadhyay | Sailes Ray | Pranati Bera | Mimi Gangopadhyay | Indranil Chakrabarti | Biswajit Dey
Twin fetus in fetu in a child: a case report and review of the literature

Author(s): Gangopadhyay Ajay | Srivastava Arvind | Srivastava Punit | Gupta Dinesh | Sharma Shiv | Kumar Vijayendra
Optical Fiber Sensing Based on Reflection Laser Spectroscopy

Author(s): Gianluca Gagliardi | Mario Salza | Pietro Ferraro | Edmond Chehura | Ralph P. Tatam | Tarun K. Gangopadhyay | Nicholas Ballard | Daniel Paz-Soldan | Jack A. Barnes | Hans-Peter Loock | Timothy T.-Y. Lam | Jong H. Chow | Paolo De Natale
Pityriasis rubra pilaris with Koebner′s Isomorphic phenomenon

Author(s): Das Jayanta | Gangopadhyay Asok | Sengupta Sujata
Coexistence of papulonecrotic tuberculide with lichen scrofulosorum

Author(s): Das Jayanta | Sengupta Sujata | Mitra Subhabrata | Gangopadhyay Asok
Concavo-convex oblique anastomosis technique for jejuno ileal atresia

Author(s): Hasan Zaheer | Gangopadhyay A | Srivastava Punit | Hussain Mohammad
Seasonal variation in pediatric dermatoses

Author(s): Banerjee Sabyasachi | Gangopadhyay Dwijendra Nath | Jana Sukumar | Chanda Mitra
Hydatid cyst of ovary- a rare entity

Author(s): Sailes Ray | Mimi Gangopadhyay
Atresia of ileocecal junction, ileocecal valve: Rare variants of bowel atresia

Author(s): Srivastava Punit | Gangopadhyay A | Gupta D | Sharma S | Upadhyaya Vijay | Kumar Vijayendra | Jaiman Richa
Is primary chemotherapy effective in large hydatid cyst of liver?

Author(s): Gangopadhyay A | Srivastava Punit | Upadhyaya Vijai | Hasan Zaheer
Endodermal sinus tumor of the vagina in children: A report of two cases

Author(s): Gangopadhyay Mimi | Raha Kalpana | Sinha Swapan | De Anuradha | Bera Pranati | Pati Shyamapada
Fine needle aspiration diagnosis of bilateral dysgerminoma with syncytiotrophoblastic giant cells

Author(s): Chakrabarti Indranil | Bera Pranati | Gangopadhyay Mimi | De Anuradha
Mature cystic teratoma in falciform ligament of the liver in an infant

Author(s): Gangopadhyay A | Srivastava Punit | Upadhyaya Vijai | Hasan Zaheer | Vijayendra K | Sharma S
Surgical considerations in pediatric necrotizing fasciitis

Author(s): Pandey A | Gangopadhyay A | Sharma S | Kumar V | Gopal S | Gupta D
Pachyonychia congenita type 2

Author(s): Das Jayanta | Sengupta Sujata | Gangopadhyay Asok
Pseudotumor of the urinary bladder in a child: A case report and review of the literature

Author(s): Srivastava Punit | Gangopadhyay A | Gupta D | Upadhyaya V
Sarcoidosis with photosensitive lesions : A rare variant

Author(s): Gangopadhyay Asok | Das Jayanta | Sengupta Sujata
Dermatophyte infection of the male genitalia

Author(s): Das Jayanta | Sengupta Sujata | Gangopadhyay Asok
Schamberg′s disease: Involvement of the genitalia

Author(s): Gangopadhyay Asok | Das Jayanta | Sengupta Sujata
Pediatric carcinoma of rectum - Varanasi experience

Author(s): Pandey A | Gangopadhyay A | Sharma S | Kumar V | Gupta D | Gopal S | Singh R
Evening primrose oil is effective in atopic dermatitis: A randomized placebo-controlled trial

Author(s): Senapati Swapan | Banerjee Sabyasachi | Gangopadhyay Dwijendra
Chondroid lipoma in a child

Author(s): Patne Shashikant | Aryya N | Gangopadhyay A
Estimation and correlation of serum folic acid levels in spina bifida babies and their mothers

Author(s): Gupta D | Pandey A | Gangopadhyay A | Prasad S | Singh T | Khanna H | Upadhyaya V
Evaluation and Analysis of Road Traffic Noise in Asansol: An Industrial Town of Eastern India

Author(s): D. Banerjee | S. K. Chakraborty | S. Bhattacharyya | A. Gangopadhyay
Gall bladder perforation as a complication of typhoid fever

Author(s): Pandey Anand | Gangopadhyay Ajay | Kumar Vijayendra
Rectal atresia with rectolabial fistula

Author(s): Sharma S | Upadhyaya V | Pandey A | Gangopadhyay A
Nevoid acanthosis nigricans

Author(s): Das Jayanta | Sengupta Sujata | Gangopadhyay Asok
Porokeratosis confined to the genital area: A report of three cases

Author(s): Sengupta Sujata | Das Jayanta | Gangopadhyay Asok
Comparative evaluation of effectiveness of adapalene and azithromycin, alone or in combination, in acne vulgaris

Author(s): Ghoshal Loknath | Banerjee Sabyasachi | Ghosh Sadhan | Gangopadhyay Dwijendra | Jana Sukumar
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