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Monitoreo esofágico por impedanciometría para el reflujo gastroesofágico

Author(s): Hayat M Mousa | Rachel Rosen | Frederick W Woodley | Marina Orsi | Daneila Armas | Christophe Faure | John Fortunato | Judith O'Connor | Beth Skaggs | Samuel Nurko
Why Is Diabetes Mellitus a Risk Factor for Contrast-Induced Nephropathy?

Author(s): Samuel N. Heyman | Christian Rosenberger | Seymour Rosen | Mogher Khamaisi
Symbol/Meaning Paired-Associate Recall: An “Archetypal Memory” Advantage?

Author(s): Milena Sotirova-Kohli | Klaus Opwis | Christian Roesler | Steven M. Smith | David H. Rosen | Jyotsna Vaid | Valentin Djonov
Evaluation of gene expression profiling in a mouse model of L-gulonolactone oxidase gene deficiency

Author(s): Jian Yan | Yan Jiao | Xinmin Li | Feng Jiao | Wesley G. Beamer | Cliff J. Rosen | Weikuan Gu
Ultra-high resolution and long scan depth optical coherence tomography with full-phase detection for imaging the ocular surface

Author(s): Tao A | Peterson KA | Jiang H | Shao Y | Zhong J | Carey FC | Rosen EP | Wang J
Slipping and tripping: fall injuries in adults associated with rugs and carpets

Author(s): Tony Rosen | Karin Ann Mack | Rita Noonan
Phase change material solidification in a finned cylindrical shell thermal energy storage: An approximate analytical approach

Author(s): Mosaffa Amirhossein | Talati Faramarz | Rosen Marc A. | Basirat Tabrizi Hassan
A Review of the Modelling of Thermally Interacting Multiple Boreholes

Author(s): Seama Koohi-Fayegh | Marc A. Rosen

Author(s): Emil Iontchev | Rosen Miletiev | Vladimir Bashev | Ivaylo Simeonov
Ethyl 2,5-di-tert-butyl-5-ethoxy-4-oxo-4,5-dihydro-1H-pyrrole-3-carboxylate

Author(s): Gerald M. Rosen | Sukumaran Muralidharan | Peter Y. Zavalij | Steven Fletcher | Joseph P. Y. Kao
Considering Environmental Sustainability as a Tool for Manufacturing Decision Making and Future Development

Author(s): Yousef Nazzal | Bassam A. Abuamarah | H.A. Kishawy | Marc A. Rosen
HIV risk behaviours differ by workplace stability among Mexican female sex workers with truck driver clientele

Author(s): Nadine E. Chen | Steffanie A. Strathdee | Gudelia Rangel | Thomas L Patterson | Felipe J. Uribe-Salas | Perth Rosen | Jorge Villalobos | Kimberly C. Brouwer
Diabetes und oxidativer Stress

Author(s): Rösen P | Bellin C
Association of age and macular pigment optical density using dual-wavelength autofluorescence imaging

Author(s): Lima VC | Rosen RB | Prata TS | Dorairaj S | Spielberg L | Maia M | Sallum JM
Approaching the Processes in the Generator Circuit Breaker at Disconnection through Sustainability Concepts

Author(s): Cornelia A. Bulucea | Marc A. Rosen | Doru A. Nicola | Nikos E. Mastorakis | Carmen A. Bulucea
Fast response cavity enhanced ozone monitor

Author(s): A. L. Gomez | E. P. Rosen
Shape: automatic conformation prediction of carbohydrates using a genetic algorithm

Author(s): Rosen Jimmy | Miguet Laurence | Pérez Serge
The net cost of incorporating resistance testing into HIV/AIDS treatment in South Africa: a Markov model with primary data

Author(s): Rosen Sydney | Long Lawrence | Sanne Ian | Stevens Wendy S | Fox Matthew P
Barriers to initiation of antiretroviral treatment in rural and urban areas of Zambia: a cross-sectional study of cost, stigma, and perceptions about ART

Author(s): Fox Matthew P | Mazimba Arthur | Seidenberg Phil | Crooks Denise | Sikateyo Bornwell | Rosen Sydney
Rediscovery of Fuirena repens (Cyperaceae), a rare endemic of the Mexican High Plateau

Author(s): David J. Rosen | Christopher S. Reid | M. Socorro González Elizondo | Robert Kral
Eleocharis reznicekii (cyperaceae), a new species from the mexican high plateau

Author(s): M. Socorro González Elizondo | David J. Rosen | Richard Carter | Paul M. Peterson
Computer Science: The Third Pillar of Medical Education

Author(s): Frank Lau | Lindsay Katona | Joseph M. Rosen | Charles Everett Koop
Pegylated interferon alfa and ribavirin for children with chronic hepatitis C

Author(s): Irit Rosen | Michal Kori | Orly Eshach Adiv | Baruch Yerushalmi | Nataly Zion | Ron Shaoul
In vitro pharmacological characterization of a novel TRPA1 antagonist and proof of mechanism in a human dental pulp model

Author(s): Nyman E | Franzén B | Nolting A | Klement G | Liu G | Nilsson M | Rosén A | Björk C | Weigelt D | Wollberg P | Karila P | Raboisson P
Neuroprotection for Ischemic Stroke: Moving Past Shortcomings and Identifying Promising Directions

Author(s): Ryan C. Turner | Brandon Lucke-Wold | Noelle Lucke-Wold | Alisa S. Elliott | Aric F. Logsdon | Charles L. Rosen | Jason D. Huber
ART treatment costs and retention in care in Kenya: a cohort study in three rural outpatient clinics

Author(s): Bruce A Larson | Margaret Bii | Sarah Henly-Thomas | Kelly McCoy | Fredrick Sawe | Douglas Shaffer | Sydney Rosen
Detailed insight into Arctic climatic variability during MIS 11 at Lake El'gygytgyn, NE Russia

Author(s): H. Vogel | C. Meyer-Jacob | M. Melles | J. Brigham-Grette | A. A. Andreev | V. Wennrich | P. Rosén
Amplified bioproductivity during Transition IV (332 000–342 000 yr ago): evidence from the geochemical record of Lake El'gygytgyn

Author(s): L. Cunningham | H. Vogel | V. Wennrich | O. Juschus | N. Nowaczyk | P. Rosén
Les faïences patronymiques

Author(s): Jean Rosen
La faïence de Nevers (1585-1900)

Author(s): Jean Rosen
Fast response cavity enhanced ozone monitor

Author(s): A. L. Gomez | E. P. Rosen
Mycophenolate Mofetil-Related Enterocolitis and Weight Loss: A Pediatric Case Series

Author(s): Dana M. H. Dykes | Sean R. Moore | D. Brent Polk | Michael J. Rosen | Marcia L. Wills | Brian Morris | Jeanine S. Maclin | Janaina Nogueira | Avi Katz | Tracey E. Hunley | Judith Pugh | Shehzad Saeed
Utilizing the Exergy Concept to Address Environmental Challenges of Electric Systems

Author(s): Cornelia A. Bulucea | Marc A. Rosen | Doru A. Nicola | Nikos E. Mastorakis | Carmen A. Bulucea
The Bulgarian Odonata database – current status, organisation and a case study new entries

Author(s): Yordan Kutsarov | Dimitar Bechev | Rosen Kostadinov | Milen Marinov
The evolving role of hyaluronic acid fillers for facial volume restoration and contouring: a Canadian overview

Author(s): Muhn C | Rosen N | Solish N | Bertucci V | Lupin M | Dansereau A | Weksberg F | Remington BK | Swift A
Colometer: A real-time quality feedback system for screening colonoscopy

Author(s): Dobromir Filip | Xuexin Gao | Leticia Angulo-Rodríguez | Martin P Mintchev | Shane M Devlin | Alaa Rostom | Wayne Rosen | Christopher N Andrews
Living With Ma’i Suka: Individual, Familial, Cultural, and Environmental Stress Among Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Their Caregivers in American Samoa

Author(s): Emily Elstad, MPH | Corabelle Tusiofo, LPN | Rochelle K. Rosen, PhD | Stephen T. McGarvey, PhD, MPH
QNX Hybrid Software Model

Author(s): Lawrence Rosen
EGFR-dependent Impact of Indol-3-Carbinol on Radiosensitivity 
of Lung Cancer Cells

Author(s): Xiao XIAO | Qinghui MENG | Jiaying XU | Yang JIAO | Eliot M ROSEN | Saijun FAN
Gas transport in firn: multiple-tracer characterisation and model intercomparison for NEEM, Northern Greenland

Author(s): C. Buizert | P. Martinerie | V. V. Petrenko | J. P. Severinghaus | C. M. Trudinger | E. Witrant | J. L. Rosen | A. J. Orsi | M. Rubino | D. M. Etheridge | L. P. Steele | C. Hogan | J. C. Laube | W. T. Sturges | V. A. Levchenko | A. M. Smith | I. Levin | T. J. Conway | E. J. Dlugokencky | P. M. Lang | K. Kawamura | T. M. Jenk | J. W. C. White | T. Sowers | J. Schwander | T. Blunier
Noise Pollution Prevention in Wind Turbines: Status and Recent Advances

Author(s): Ofelia Jianu | Marc A. Rosen | Greg Naterer
The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP): An Evolutionary Study

Author(s): Salman Abdul Baset | Vijay K. Gurbani | Alan B. Johnston | Hadriel Kaplan | Brian Rosen | Jonathan D. Rosenberg
Mental health assessment in rehabilitation research

Author(s): John R. McQuaid, PhD | Brian P. Marx, PhD | Marc I. Rosen, MD | Lynn F. Bufka, PhD | Wendy Tenhula, PhD | Helene Cook, MA | erence M. Keane, PhD
Cerebrovascular Disorders: Role of Aging

Author(s): Aurel Popa-Wagner | Ana-Maria Buga | Ryan C. Turner | Charles L. Rosen | Emil Toescu
Approaching Resonant Absorption of Environmental Xenobiotics Harmonic Oscillation by Linear Structures

Author(s): Cornelia A. Bulucea | Marc A. Rosen | Nikos E. Mastorakis | Carmen A. Bulucea | Corina C. Brindusa
Energy Analysis of a Biomass Co-firing Based Pulverized Coal Power Generation System

Author(s): Shoaib Mehmood | Bale V. Reddy | Marc A. Rosen
A New Approach of In Vivo Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering Using the Epigastric Artery as Central Core Vessel of a 3-Dimensional Construct

Author(s): Sebastian E. Dunda | T. Schriever | C. Rosen | C. Opländer | R. H. Tolba | S. Diamantouros | S. Jockenhoevel | N. Pallua
Sustainable Manufacturing and Design: Concepts, Practices and Needs

Author(s): Marc A. Rosen | Hossam A. Kishawy
Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma, Aggressive Fibromatosis and Benign Fibrous Tumors Express mRNA for the Metalloproteinase Inducer EMMPRIN and the Metalloproteinases MMP-2 and MT1-MMP

Author(s): Jan Åhlén | Ulla Enberg | Catharina Larsson | Olle Larsson | Tony Frisk | Otte Brosjö | Anette von Rosen | Martin Bäckdahl
PPARγ2 Regulates a Molecular Signature of Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Author(s): K. R. Shockley | C. J. Rosen | G. A. Churchill | B. Lecka-Czernik
The Genetics of PPARG and the Skeleton

Author(s): Cheryl Ackert-Bicknell | Clifford Rosen
Understanding Methods for Estimating HIV-Associated Maternal Mortality

Author(s): James E. Rosen | Isabelle de Zoysa | Karl Dehne | Viviana Mangiaterra | Quarraisha Abdool-Karim
Metagenome Fragment Classification Using N-Mer Frequency Profiles

Author(s): Gail Rosen | Elaine Garbarine | Diamantino Caseiro | Robi Polikar | Bahrad Sokhansanj
Segmentation, Reconstruction, and Analysis of Blood Thrombus Formation in 3D 2-Photon Microscopy Images

Author(s): Mu Jian | Liu Xiaomin | Kamocka MalgorzataM | Xu Zhiliang | Alber MarkS | Rosen ElliotD | Chen DannyZ
The general social survey-national death index: an innovative new dataset for the social sciences

Author(s): Muennig Peter | Johnson Gretchen | Kim Jibum | Smith Tom | Rosen Zohn
Student perception of two different simulation techniques in oral and maxillofacial surgery undergraduate training

Author(s): Lund Bodil | Fors Uno | Sejersen Ronny | Sallnäs Eva-Lotta | Rosén Annika
Henoch-Schönlein purpura in an older man presenting as rectal bleeding and IgA mesangioproliferative glomerulonephritis: a case report

Author(s): Cheungpasitporn Wisit | Jirajariyavej Teeranun | Howarth Charles | Rosen Raquel
Expression of an Androgenic Gland-Specific Insulin-Like Peptide during the Course of Prawn Sexual and Morphotypic Differentiation

Author(s): Tomer Ventura | Rivka Manor | Eliahu D. Aflalo | Simy Weil | Isam Khalaila | Ohad Rosen | Amir Sagi
Joint Assessment of Structural, Perfusion, and Diffusion MRI in Alzheimer's Disease and Frontotemporal Dementia

Author(s): Yu Zhang | Norbert Schuff | Christopher Ching | Duygu Tosun | Wang Zhan | Marzieh Nezamzadeh | Howard J. Rosen | Joel H. Kramer | Maria Luisa Gorno-Tempini | Bruce L. Miller | Michael W. Weiner
Improving hand sensibility in vibration induced neuropathy: A case-series

Author(s): Rosén Birgitta | Björkman Anders | Lundborg Göran
Balancing health benefits and social sacrifices: A qualitative study of how screening-detected celiac disease impacts adolescents' quality of life

Author(s): Rosén Anna | Ivarsson Anneli | Nordyke Katrina | Karlsson Eva | Carlsson Annelie | Danielsson Lars | Högberg Lotta | Emmelin Maria
Not sold here: limited access to legally available syringes at pharmacies in Tijuana, Mexico

Author(s): Pollini Robin | Rosen Perth | Gallardo Manuel | Robles Brenda | Brouwer Kimberly | Macalino Grace | Lozada Remedios
Outbreak of Pneumonia in the Setting of Fatal Pneumococcal Meningitis among US Army Trainees: Potential Role of Chlamydia pneumoniae Infection

Author(s): Dawood Fatimah | Ambrose John | Russell Bruce | Hawksworth Anthony | Winchell Jonas | Glass Nina | Thurman Kathleen | Soltis Michele | McDonough Erin | Warner Agnes | Weston Emily | Clemmons Nakia | Rosen Jennifer | Mitchell Stephanie | Faix Dennis | Blair Patrick | Moore Matthew | Lowery John
Development, design, and conceptual issues of project zero exposure: A program to protect young children from tobacco smoke exposure

Author(s): Rosen Laura | Guttman Nurit | Hovell Melbourne | Noach Michal | Winickoff Jonathan | Tchernokovski Shosh | Rosenblum Joseph | Rubenstein Uri | Seidmann Vered | Vardavas Constantine | Klepeis Neil | Zucker David
New method for determining apparent axial center of rotation of lumbar and thoracic spine segments

Author(s): Sanjum P. Samagh, MS | Charles D. Rosen, MD | Karimdad Otarodifard, MD | Matthew Kornswiet, MS | Gabe Palmer, BS | Thay Q. Lee, PhD
Gas transport in firn: multiple-tracer characterisation and model intercomparison for NEEM, Northern Greenland

Author(s): C. Buizert | P. Martinerie | V. V. Petrenko | J. P. Severinghaus | C. M. Trudinger | E. Witrant | J. L. Rosen | A. J. Orsi | M. Rubino | D. M. Etheridge | L. P. Steele | C. Hogan | J. C. Laube | W. T. Sturges | V. A. Levchenko | A. M. Smith | I. Levin | T. J. Conway | E. J. Dlugokencky | P. M. Lang | K. Kawamura | T. M. Jenk | J. W. C. White | T. Sowers | J. Schwander | T. Blunier
Correlation of Tissue Biopsy and Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology with Positron Emission Tomography Results

Author(s): Daniel Rosen | Bruce Herrington | Peeyush Bhargava | Rodolfo Laucirica | Gordana Verstovsek

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