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Tumor-Associated Macrophage: Its Role in Cancer Invasion and Metastasis

Author(s): Jin-Yuan Shih | Ang Yuan | Jeremy J.-W. Chen | Pan-Chyr Yang
Clinical Response of Gefitinib on Malignant Pleural Effusions in Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Author(s): Chi-Hsien Chen | Chien-Hung Gow | Chong-Jen Yu | Jin-Yuan Shih | Ya-Chieh Hsu | Wen-Yu Lee | Pan-Chyr Yang | Sow-Hsong Kuo
Genome-wide identification of specific oligonucleotides using artificial neural network and computational genomic analysis

Author(s): Liu Chun-Chi | Lin Chin-Chung | Li Ker-Chau | Chen Wen-Shyen | Chen Jiun-Ching | Yang Ming-Te | Yang Pan-Chyr | Chang Pei-Chun | Chen Jeremy
Design of microarray probes for virus identification and detection of emerging viruses at the genus level

Author(s): Chou Cheng-Chung | Lee Te-Tsui | Chen Chun-Houh | Hsiao Hsiang-Yun | Lin Yi-Ling | Ho Mei-Shang | Yang Pan-Chyr | Peck Konan
Global expression profiling of theophylline response genes in macrophages: evidence of airway anti-inflammatory regulation

Author(s): Yao Pei-Li | Tsai Meng-Feng | Lin Yi-Chen | Wang Chien-Hsun | Liao Wei-Yu | Chen Jeremy | Yang Pan-Chyr
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