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A QoS Model for a RFID Enabled Application with Next-Generation Sensors for Manufacturing Systems

Author(s): Anna Kang | Jong Hyuk Park | Leonard Barolli | Hwa-Young Jeong
7,3′,4′-Trihydroxyisoflavone Ameliorates the Development of Dermatophagoides farinae-Induced Atopic Dermatitis in NC/Nga Mice

Author(s): Bo-Bae Kim | Jong Rhan Kim | Ji Hye Kim | Young Ah Kim | Jun Seong Park | Myeong-Hun Yeom | Hyong Joo Lee | Ki Won Lee | Nam Joo Kang
Is Transforming Growth Factor-β Signaling Activated in Human Hypertrophied Prostate Treated by 5-Alpha Reductase Inhibitor?

Author(s): Hye Kyung Kim | Chen Zhao | Bo Ram Choi | Han Jung Chae | Do Sung Kim | Jong Kwan Park
Fenobam promoted the neuroprotective effect of PEP-1-FK506BP following oxidative stress by increasing its transduction efficiency

Author(s): Eun Hee Ahn | Dae Won Kim | Min Jea Shin | Hyo Sang Jo | Seon Ae Eom | Duk-Soo Kim | Eun Young Park | Jong Hoon Park | Sung-Woo Cho | Jinseu Park | Won Sik Eum | Ora Son | Hyun Sook Hwang | Soo Young Choi
RG-II from Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer suppresses asthmatic reaction

Author(s): In Duk Jung | Hye Young Kim | Jin Wook Park | Chang-Min Lee | Kyung Tae Noh | Hyun Kyu Kang | Deok Rim Heo | Su Jung Lee | Kwang Hee Son | Hee-ju Park | Sung Jae Shin | Jong-Hwan Park | Seung-Wook Ryu | Jong Keun Seo | Yeong-Min Park
Mxi1 influences cyst formation in three-dimensional cell culture

Author(s): Yeon Joo Yook | Kyung Hyun Yoo | Seon Ah Song | Min Ji Seo | Je Yeong Ko | Bo Hye Kim | Eun Ji Lee | EunSun Chang | Yu Mi Woo | Jong Hoon Park
Sulforaphane inhibits the Th2 immune response in ovalbumin-induced asthma

Author(s): Jun Ho Park | Jong Won Kim | Chang-Min Lee | Yeong Dae Kim | Sung Woon Chung | In Duk Jung | Kyung Tae Noh | Jin Wook Park | Deok Rim Heo | Yong Kyoo Shin | Jong Keun Seo | Yeong-Min Park
Field Monitoring of Column Shortenings in a High-Rise Building during Construction

Author(s): Se Woon Choi | Yousok Kim | Jong Moon Kim | Hyo Seon Park
Orbital Interaction and Electron Density Transfer in PdII([9]aneB2A)L2 Complexes: Theoretical Approaches

Author(s): Ock Keum Kwak | Mahreen Arooj | Yong-Jin Yoon | Euh Duck Jeong | Jong Keun Park
Novel ERBB Receptor Feedback Inhibitor 1 (ERRFI1) + 808 T/G Polymorphism Confers Protective Effect on Diabetic Nephropathy in a Korean Population

Author(s): Ihn Suk Lee | Ju Hee Lee | Hyun Jin Kim | Jae Min Lee | Seong Kyu Lee | Hye Soo Kim | Jong Min Lee | Kang Seo Park | Bon Jeong Ku
A Case of Possible Neurosarcoidosis Presenting as Intractable Headache and Panhypopituitarism

Author(s): Jin Kyung Hwang | Joo Hee Cho | So Young Park | Jung Il Son | Uk Jo | Sang Ouk Chin | Yun Jung Lee | Moon Chan Choi | Sang Youl Rhee | Eui Jong Kim | Suk Chon
A feasible modified biopsy method for tissue diagnosis of gastric subepithelial tumors

Author(s): Jung Ho Kim | Jun-Won Chung | Minsu Ha | Min Young Rim | Jong Joon Lee | Jungsuk An | Yoon Jae Kim | Kyoung Oh Kim | Kwang An Kwon | Dong Kyun Park | Yeon Suk Kim | Duck Joo Choi
Scalp Reconstruction after Resection of a Large Recurred Proliferating Trichilemmal Tumor Using an Anterolateral Thigh Free Flap

Author(s): Matthew Seung Suk Choi | Eui Jong Kim | Jang Hyun Lee | Ju Yeon Pyo | Yong Wook Park | Kyung Mook Lee
History of Bioelectrical Study and the Electrophysiology of the Primo Vascular System

Author(s): Sang Hyun Park | Eung Hwi Kim | Ho Jong Chang | Seung Zhoo Yoon | Ji Woong Yoon | Seong-Jin Cho | Yeon-Hee Ryu
Survey on Seed Decay during their Germination of Some Forages from their Aged Seeds

Author(s): Byung Hoon Park | Mi Rim Heo | Hee Sun Kim | Eun Ji Yoo | Soo Young Choi | Ji Eun Lee | Hyo Son Lim | Da Yeon Jung | Hyun Kyung Kim | Mi Rye Kim | Sang Mi Lee | Song Yi Lee | Nam Gil Kim | Yoon Soo Kim | Gi Hang Lee | Chi Nam Park | Jong Min Won | Sangdeog A. Kim
Comparison of double pants with single pants on satisfaction with colonoscopy

Author(s): Sook Hee Chung | Soo Jung Park | Jong Suk Hong | Jee Young Hwang | Sin Ae Lee | Kyung Ran Kim | Hye Sun Lee | Sung Pil Hong | Jae Hee Cheon | Tae Il Kim | Won Ho Kim
Toxicity from Intra-Abdominal Injection of Chlorfenapyr

Author(s): Jina Lee | Jun Hyun Lee | Jong Min Baek | Do Sang Lee | Il Young Park | Jong Man Won | Ki Young Sung
Optical In-Situ Plasma Process Monitoring Technique for Detection of Abnormal Plasma Discharge

Author(s): Sang Jeen Hong | Jong Hwan Ahn | Won Taek Park | Gary S. May
Algorithm for Primary Full-thickness Skin Grafting in Pediatric Hand Burns

Author(s): Yang Seo Park | Jong Wook Lee | Gi Yeun Huh | Jang Hyu Koh | Dong Kook Seo | Jai Koo Choi | Young Chul Jang
Scalp Free Flap Reconstruction Using Anterolateral

Author(s): Jun Hyung Park | Kyung Hee Min | Suk Chan Eun | Jong Hoon Lee | Sung Hee Hong | Chin Whan Kim
Global Patterns of Prostate Cancer Incidence, Aggressiveness, and Mortality in Men of African Descent

Author(s): Timothy R. Rebbeck | Susan S. Devesa | Bao-Li Chang | Clareann H. Bunker | Iona Cheng | Kathleen Cooney | Rosalind Eeles | Pedro Fernandez | Veda N. Giri | Serigne M. Gueye | Christopher A. Haiman | Brian E. Henderson | Chris F. Heyns | Jennifer J. Hu | Sue Ann Ingles | William Isaacs | Mohamed Jalloh | Esther M. John | Adam S. Kibel | LaCreis R. Kidd | Penelope Layne | Robin J. Leach | Christine Neslund-Dudas | Michael N. Okobia | Elaine A. Ostrander | Jong Y. Park | Alan L. Patrick | Catherine M. Phelan | Camille Ragin | Robin A. Roberts | Benjamin A. Rybicki | Janet L. Stanford | Sara Strom | Ian M. Thompson | John Witte | Jianfeng Xu | Edward Yeboah | Ann W. Hsing | Charnita M. Zeigler-Johnson
Design and Application of a Field Sensing System for Ground Anchors in Slopes

Author(s): Se Woon Choi | Jihoon Lee | Jong Moon Kim | Hyo Seon Park
How much locomotive activity is needed for an active physical activity level: analysis of total step counts

Author(s): Ohkawara Kazunori | Ishikawa-Takata Kazuko | Park Jong | Tabata Izumi | Tanaka Shigeho
Dynamic Characteristics Evaluation of Innovative UHPC Pedestrian Cable Stayed Bridge

Author(s): Won Jong Chin | Young Jin Kim | Jeong-Rae Cho | Jong Sup Park
Rolling Fatigue Test of Large-Sized UHPC Member for Cable Stayed Bridge

Author(s): Jeong-Rae Cho | Young Jin Kim | Jong Sup Park | Eun Suk Choi | Won Jong Chin
Inhibitory Effects of Anthocyanins on Secretion of Helicobacter pylori CagA and VacA Toxins

Author(s): Sa-Hyun Kim, Min Park, Hyunjun Woo, Nagendran Tharmalingam, Gyusang Lee, Ki-Jong Rhee, Yong Bin Eom, Sang Ik Han, Woo Duck Seo, Jong Bae Kim
Effect of Repetitive Lysine-Tryptophan Motifs on the Eukaryotic Membrane

Author(s): Ramamourthy Gopal | Jong Kook Lee | Jun Ho Lee | Young Gwon Kim | Gwang Chae Oh | Chang Ho Seo | Yoonkyung Park
Characterization and function of human Ly-6/uPAR molecules

Author(s): Hyun Kyung Kong & Jong Hoon Park*
Stable Isolation of Phycocyanin from Spirulina platensis Associated with High-Pressure Extraction Process

Author(s): Yong Chang Seo | Woo Seok Choi | Jong Ho Park | Jin Oh Park | Kyung-Hwan Jung | Hyeon Yong Lee
Exact Null Controllability of KdV-Burgers Equation with Memory Effect Systems

Author(s): Rajagounder Ravi Kumar | Kil To Chong | Jong Ho Park
Recurrent cervical esophageal stenosis after colon conduit failure: Use of myocutaneous flap

Author(s): Young Jo Sa | Young Du Kim | Chi Kyung Kim | Jong Kyung Park | Seok Whan Moon
Clinical significance and risk factors of postembolization fever in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

Author(s): Chung Hwan Jun | Ho Seok Ki | Hoon Ki Lee | Kang Jin Park | Seon Young Park | Sung Bum Cho | Chang Hwan Park | Young Eun Joo | Hyun Soo Kim | Sung Kyu Choi | Jong Sun Rew
Quantitative Phosphoproteomics of the Human Neural Stem Cell Differentiation into Oligodendrocyte by Mass Spectrometry

Author(s): Kun Cho | Jin Young Kim | Eunmin Kim | Gun Wook Park | Tae Wook Kang | Jung Hae Yoon | Seung U. Kim | Kyunghee Byun | Jong Shin Yoo
Role of HLA in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Author(s): Meerim Park | Jong Jin Seo
Phytopathogenicity of Burkholderia gladioli pv. alliicola CH1 and Production of PGase Isozymes

Author(s): Chan Jung Lee | Jong Tae Lee | Yeong Tae Kim | Chang Sung Jhune | Jong Chun Cheong | Wan Park
A New Method of Diagnosing Constitutional Types Based on Vocal and Facial Features for Personalized Medicine

Author(s): Bum Ju Lee | Boncho Ku | Kihyun Park | Keun Ho Kim | Jong Yeol Kim
Comparative Proteome Analysis of Porcine Longissimus dorsi on the Basis of pH24 of Post-mortem Muscle

Author(s): Juhyun Nam | Dong-Gi Lee | Joseph Kwon | Chi-Won Choi | Seong Hwa Park | Sang-Oh Kwon | Jong Hyun Jung | Hwa Choon Park | Beom Young Park | Ik Soon Jang | Woo Young Bang | Chul Wook Kim | Jong-Soon Choi
Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma in Asians

Author(s): Min Soo Jang | Dong Young Kang | Jong Bin Park | Sang Tae Kim | Kee Suck Suh
Predicting Sasang Constitution Using Body-Shape Information

Author(s): Eunsu Jang | Jun-Hyeong Do | HeeJeong Jin | KiHyun Park | Boncho Ku | Siwoo Lee | Jong Yeol Kim
Measurement of MMP Activity in Synovial Fluid in Cases of Osteoarthritis and Acute Inflammatory Conditions of the Knee Joints Using a Fluorogenic Peptide Probe-Immobilized Diagnostic Kit

Author(s): Ju Hee Ryu, Aeju Lee, Myung Sook Huh, Junuk Chu, Kwangmeyung Kim, Byung-Soo Kim, Kuiwon Choi, Ick Chan Kwon, Jong Woong Park, Inchan Youn
Protective Effects of Corni Fructus against Advanced Glycation Endproducts and Radical Scavenging

Author(s): Chan Hum Park | Takashi Tanaka | Hyun Young Kim | Jong Cheol Park | Takako Yokozawa
Family history influences the early onset of hepatocellular carcinoma

Author(s): Chung-Hwa Park | Seung-Hee Jeong | Hyeon-Woo Yim | Jin Dong Kim | Si Hyun Bae | Jong Young Choi | Seung Kew Yoon
Look-Ahead Energy Management of a Grid-Connected Residential PV System with Energy Storage under Time-Based Rate Programs

Author(s): Jaeyeong Yoo | Byungsung Park | Kyungsung An | Essam A. Al-Ammar | Yasin Khan | Kyeon Hur | Jong Hyun Kim
Gas Nozzle Effect on the Deposition of Polysilicon by Monosilane Siemens Reactor

Author(s): Seung Oh Kang | Uk June Lee | Seung Hyun Kim | Ho Jung You | Kun Park | Sung Eun Park | Jong Hoon Park
Mass Spectrometry for Analysis of Cancer Biomarker from Human Plasma

Author(s): Yeong Hee Ahn | Kwang Hoe Kim | Park Min Shin | Eun Sun Ji | Jong Shin Yoo
A Pathogenic Potential of Acinetobacter baumannii-Derived Membrane Vesicles

Author(s): Jong Suk Jin | Dong Chan Moon | Chi-Won Choi | Seung-Il Kim | Hye-Yeon Kim | Jeong-Soon Park | Je Chul Lee
Differential Protein Quantitation in Mouse Neuronal Cell Lines using Amine-Reactive Isobaric Tagging Reagents with Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Author(s): Kun Cho | Gun Wook Park | Jin Young Kim | Sang Kwang Lee | Han Bin Oh | Jong Shin Yoo
Jordan ∗-Derivations on C∗-Algebras and JC∗-Algebras

Author(s): Jong Su An | Jianlian Cui | Choonkil Park
On the Stability of Quadratic Functional Equations

Author(s): Jung Rye Lee | Jong Su An | Choonkil Park
Isomorphisms and Derivations in Lie C*-Algebras

Author(s): Choonkil Park | Jong Su An | Jianlian Cui
Proteomic Analysis on Acetate Metabolism in Citrobacter sp. BL-4

Author(s): Young-Man Kim, Sung-Eun Lee, Byeoung-Soo Park, Mi-Kyung Son, Young-Mi Jung, Seung-Ok Yang, Hyung-Kyoon Choi, Sung-Ho Hur, Jong Hwa Yum
The Clinical Significance of Digital Examination-Indicated Cerclage in Women with a Dilated Cervix at 14 0/7 - 29 6/7 Weeks

Author(s): Hyun Sun Ko, Yun Seong Jo, Ki Cheol Kil, Ha Kyun Chang, Yong-Gyu Park, In Yang Park, Guisera Lee, Sajin Kim, Jong Chul Shin
Pregnancy Outcomes and Appropriate Timing of Pregnancy in 183 pregnancies in Korean Patients with SLE

Author(s): Hyun Sun Ko, Hyun Young Ahn, Dong Gyu Jang, Sae-Kyung Choi, Yong-Gyu Park, In Yang Park, Guisera Lee, Sung-Hwan Park, Jong Chul Shin
Umbilical Arterial Blood Gas and Perinatal Outcome in the Second Twin according to the Planned Mode of Delivery

Author(s): Ji Young Kwon, Won Sik Yoon, Gui Se Ra Lee, Sa Jin Kim, Jong Chul Shin, In Yang Park
The Simplified Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) for Antenatal Depression: Is It a Valid Measure for Pre-Screening?

Author(s): Sea Kyung Choi, Jung Jin Kim, Yong Gyu Park, Hyun Sun Ko, In Yang Park, Jong Chul Shin
Tender Papule Rising on the Digit: Pacinian Neuroma Should Be Considered in Differential Diagnosis

Author(s): Hyun Hee Cho, Jong Soo Hong, Se Young Park, Hyun Sun Park, Soyun Cho, Jong Hee Lee
3D QSAR Pharmacophore Modeling, in Silico Screening, and Density Functional Theory (DFT) Approaches for Identification of Human Chymase Inhibitors

Author(s): Mahreen Arooj | Sundarapandian Thangapandian | Shalini John | Swan Hwang | Jong Keun Park | Keun Woo Lee
Residual tumor after the salvage surgery is the major risk factors for primary treatment failure in malignant ovarian germ cell tumors: A retrospective study of single institution

Author(s): Lee Chung Won | Song Min Jong | Park Sung Taek | Ki Eun Young | Lee Sung Jong | Lee Keun Ho | Ryu Ki Sung | Park Jong Sup | Hur Soo Young
Cervical adenoid basal carcinoma associated with invasive squamous cell carcinoma: A report of rare co-existence and review of literature

Author(s): Viriyapak Boonlert | Park Sung Taek | Lee Ah Won | Park Jong Sup | Lee Chung Won | Song Min Jong | Hur Soo Young
Multicenter retrospective analysis of 581 patients with primary intestinal non-hodgkin lymphoma from the Consortium for Improving Survival of Lymphoma (CISL)

Author(s): Kim Seok | Choi Chul | Mun Yeung-Chul | Oh Sung | Kang Hye | Lee Soon | Won Jong | Kim Min | Kwon Jung | Kim Jin | Kwak Jae-Yong | Kwon Jung | Hwang In | Kim Hyo | Lee Jae | Oh Sukjoong | Park Keon | Suh Cheolwon | Kim Won
HMC05, Herbal Formula, Inhibits TNF-α-Induced Inflammatory Response in Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells

Author(s): Jong Suk Lee | Su-Young Park | Dinesh Thapa | Ah Ra Kim | Heung-Mook Shin | Jung-Ae Kim
Maternal Outcomes According to Placental Position in Placental Previa

Author(s): Dong Gyu Jang, Ji Sun We, Jae Un Shin, Yun Jin Choi, Hyun Sun Ko, In Yang Park, Jong Chul Shin
Spontaneous Hemoperitoneum Caused By a Diverticulum of the Sigmoid Colon

Author(s): Bong Hyeon Kye, Hyung Jin Kim, Joo Hee Yoon, Dong Choon Park, Sung Jong Lee
Identification of Candidate Genes related to Bovine Marbling using Protein-Protein Interaction Networks

Author(s): Dajeong Lim, Nam-Kuk Kim, Hye-Sun Park, Seung-Hwan Lee, Yong-Min Cho, Sung Jong Oh, Tae-Hun Kim, Heebal Kim
MCMCpack: Markov Chain Monte Carlo in R

Author(s): Andrew D. Martin | Kevin M. Quinn | Jong Hee Park
Incidence and clinicopathologic behavior of uterine cervical carcinoma in renal transplant recipients

Author(s): Park Sung Taek | Song Min Jong | Park Jong Sup | Hur Soo Young | Lee Chung Won
Throughput Fairness Enhancement Using Differentiated Channel Access in Heterogeneous Sensor Networks

Author(s): Eui-Jik Kim | Taeshik Shon | James Jong Hyuk Park | Young-Sik Jeong
Diagnosis of gastric epithelial neoplasia: Dilemma for Korean pathologists

Author(s): Joon Mee Kim | Mee-Yon Cho | Jin Hee Sohn | Dae Young Kang | Cheol Keun Park | Woo Ho Kim | So-Young Jin | Kyoung Mee Kim | Hee Kyung Chang | Eunsil Yu | Eun Sun Jung | Mee Soo Chang | Jong Eun Joo | Mee Joo | Youn Wha Kim | Do Youn Park | Yun Kyung Kang | Sun Hoo Park | Hye Seung Han | Young Bae Kim | Ho Sung Park | Yang Seok Chae | Kye Won Kwon | Hee Jin Chang | The Gastrointestinal Pathology Study Group of Korean Society of Pathologists
Association of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Mutations with Metastatic Presentations in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Author(s): Im Il Na | Jong Heon Park | Du Hwan Choe | Jin Kyung Lee | Jae Soo Koh
Asia Oceania Guidelines for the Implementation of Programs for Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control

Author(s): Hextan Y. S. Ngan | Suzanne M. Garland | Neerja Bhatla | Sonia R. Pagliusi | Karen K. L. Chan | Annie N. Y. Cheung | Tang-Yuan Chu | Efren J. Domingo | You Lin Qiao | Jong Sup Park | Eng Hseon Tay | Wisit Supakarapongkul
Gene networks associated with conditional fear in mice identified using a systems genetics approach

Author(s): Park Christopher | Gale Greg | de Jong Simone | Ghazalpour Anatole | Bennett Brian | Farber Charles | Langfelder Peter | Lin Andy | Khan Arshad | Eskin Eleazar | Horvath Steve | Lusis Aldons | Ophoff Roel | Smith Desmond
Detection of primary sites in unknown primary tumors using FDG-PET or FDG-PET/CT

Author(s): Park Jong | Yim Jae-Joon | Kang Won | Chung June-Key | Yoo Chul-Gyu | Kim Young | Han Sung | Shim Young-Soo | Lee Sang-Min
Procedure-related musculoskeletal symptoms in gastrointestinal endoscopists in Korea

Author(s): Young Hye Byun, Jun Haeng Lee, Moon Kyung Park, Ji Hyun Song, Byung-Hoon Min, Dong Kyung Chang, Young-Ho Kim, Hee Jung Son, Poong-Lyul Rhee, Jae J Kim, Jong Chul Rhee, Ji Hye Hwang, Dong Il Park, Sang Goon Shim, In Kyung Sung
Genetic Effects of FTO and MC4R Polymorphisms on Body Mass in Constitutional Types

Author(s): Seongwon Cha | Imhoi Koo | Byung L. Park | Sangkyun Jeong | Sun M. Choi | Kil S. Kim | Hyoung D. Shin | Jong Y. Kim
Temperament and Character Profiles of Sasang Typology in an Adult Clinical Sample

Author(s): Soo Hyun Park | Myoung-geun Kim | Soo Jin Lee | Jong Yeol Kim | Han Chae
Soybeans Ameliolate Diabetic Nephropathy in Rats

Author(s): Young Eun Choi | Soo Kyung Ahn | Won Taek Lee | Jong Eun Lee | Seung Hwa Park | Bang Bu Yoon | Kyung Ah Park
Hepatoprotective Activity of Licorice Water Extract against Cadmium-Induced Toxicity in Rats

Author(s): Jong Rok Lee | Sook Jahr Park | Hyeung-Sik Lee | Seon Young Jee | Jungcheol Seo | Young Kyu Kwon | Taeg Kyu Kwon | Sang Chan Kim
Cytoprotective Activity of Glycyrrhizae radix Extract against Arsenite-Induced Cytotoxicity

Author(s): Sang Chan Kim | Sook Jahr Park | Jong Rok Lee | Jung Cheol Seo | Chae Ha Yang | Sung Hui Byun
Anti-Inflammatory Activity of the Methanol Extract of Moutan Cortex in LPS-Activated Raw264.7 Cells

Author(s): Seung-Chul Chun | Seon Young Jee | Sang Gon Lee | Sook Jahr Park | Jong Rok Lee | Sang Chan Kim
A Novel Approach to Detect Network Attacks Using G-HMM-Based Temporal Relations between Internet Protocol Packets

Author(s): Taeshik Shon | Kyusuk Han | James J. (Jong Hyuk) Park | Hangbae Chang
Small sphincterotomy combined with endoscopic papillary large balloon dilation versus sphincterotomy

Author(s): Hyun Gun Kim, Young Koog Cheon, Young Deok Cho, Jong Ho Moon, Do Hyun Park, Tae Hoon Lee, Hyun Jong Choi, Sang-Heum Park, Joon Seong Lee, Moon Sung Lee
Paraaortic lymph node metastasis in patients with intra-abdominal malignancies: CT vs PET

Author(s): Mi-Jung Lee, Mi Jin Yun, Mi-Suk Park, Seung Hwan Cha, Myeong-Jin Kim, Jong Doo Lee, Ki Whang Kim
Toothpick impaction with sigmoid colon pseudodiverticulum formation successfully treated with colonoscopy

Author(s): Youn Son Chung, Yong Woo Chung, Sun You Moon, Su Mi Yoon, Min-Jeong Kim, Kyoung Oh Kim, Cheol Hee Park, Taeho Hahn, Kyo-Sang Yoo, Sang Hoon Park, Jong Hyeok Kim, Choong Kee Park
H pylori eradication: A randomized prospective study of triple therapy with or without ecabet sodium

Author(s): Hyung Wook Kim, Gwang Ha Kim, Jong Yun Cheong, Ung Suk Yang, Seung Keun Park, Chul Soo Song, Dae Hwan Kang, Geun Am Song
How good is cola for dissolution of gastric phytobezoars?

Author(s): Beom Jae Lee, Jong-Jae Park, Hoon Jai Chun, Ji Hoon Kim, Jong Eun Yeon, Yoon Tae Jeen, Jae Seon Kim, Kwan Soo Byun, Sang Woo Lee, Jae Hyun Choi, Chang Duck Kim, Ho Sang Ryu, Young-Tae Bak
Congenital absence of the splenic artery and splenic vein accompanied with a duodenal ulcer and deformity

Author(s): Eun Kyung Shin, Won Moon, Seun Ja Park, Moo In Park, Kyu Jong Kim, Jee Suk Lee, Jin Hwan Kwon
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