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A Wireless MEMS-Based Inclinometer Sensor Node for Structural Health Monitoring

Author(s): Dae Woong Ha | Hyo Seon Park | Se Woon Choi | Yousok Kim
Field Monitoring of Column Shortenings in a High-Rise Building during Construction

Author(s): Se Woon Choi | Yousok Kim | Jong Moon Kim | Hyo Seon Park
A New Position Measurement System Using a Motion-Capture Camera for Wind Tunnel Tests

Author(s): Hyo Seon Park | Ji Young Kim | Jin Gi Kim | Se Woon Choi | Yousok Kim
Symbolic and Graphical Representation Scheme for Sensors Deployed in Large-Scale Structures

Author(s): Hyo Seon Park | Yunah Shin | Se Woon Choi | Yousok Kim
A Practical Data Recovery Technique for Long-Term Strain Monitoring of Mega Columns during Construction

Author(s): Se Woon Choi | EunMi Kwon | Yousok Kim | Kappyo Hong | Hyo Seon Park
Low-dose amitriptyline combined with proton pump inhibitor for functional chest pain

Author(s): Se Woo Park | Hyuk Lee | Hyun Jik Lee | Jun Chul Park | Sung Kwan Shin | Sang Kil Lee | Yong Chan Lee | Ji Eun Kim
A Strain-Based Load Identification Model for Beams in Building Structures

Author(s): Kappyo Hong | Jihoon Lee | Se Woon Choi | Yousok Kim | Hyo Seon Park
A Deformed Shape Monitoring Model for Building Structures Based on a 2D Laser Scanner

Author(s): Se Woon Choi | Bub Ryur Kim | Hong Min Lee | Yousok Kim | Hyo Seon Park
Transmesocolic hernia with strangulation in a patient without surgical history: Case report

Author(s): Peel Jung | Min Dae Kim | Tae Hyun Ryu | Sung Ho Choi | Han Se Kim | Kang Hun Lee | Jhong Hyun Park
Design and Application of a Field Sensing System for Ground Anchors in Slopes

Author(s): Se Woon Choi | Jihoon Lee | Jong Moon Kim | Hyo Seon Park
Identifying the Viral Genes Encoding Envelope Glycoproteins for Differentiation of Cyprinid herpesvirus 3 Isolates

Author(s): Jee Eun Han | Ji Hyung Kim | Tristan Renault | Casiano Choresca Jr. | Sang Phil Shin | Jin Woo Jun | Se Chang Park
Dispersion of Pt Nanoparticle-Doped Reduced Graphene Oxide Using Aniline as a Stabilizer

Author(s): Ali Grinou | Young Soo Yun | Se Youn Cho | Hyun Ho Park | Hyoung-Joon Jin
Bispectral index monitoring as an adjunct to nurse-administered combined sedation during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography

Author(s): Se Young Jang | Hyun Gu Park | Min Kyu Jung | Chang Min Cho | Soo Young Park | Seong Woo Jeon | Won Young Tak | Young Oh Kweon | Sung Kook Kim | Young Hoon Jeon
Genetic Variation in CYP17A1 Is Associated with Arterial Stiffness in Diabetic Subjects

Author(s): Soo Jin Yang | Seung-Tae Lee | Won Jun Kim | Se Eun Park | Sung Woo Park | Jong-Won Kim | Cheol-Young Park
Detection of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. aurantifolii and Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citrumelo by Triplex PCR

Author(s): Sang-Mi Yu | Se Won Lee | Seungdon Lee | Eun Woo Park | Yong Hoon Lee
Influence of Environmental Factors on Conidial Germination of Alternaria dauci

Author(s): Kyeong Hun Park | Hye Jeong Yun | Kyoung Yul Ryu | Jeong Chul Yun | Se Ri Kim | Won Il Kim | Doo Ho Kim | Young Seok Kwon | Byeongjin Cha
Nanostructured, Self-Assembling Peptide K5 Blocks TNF-α and PGE2 Production by Suppression of the AP-1/p38 Pathway

Author(s): Woo Seok Yang | Yung Chul Park | Ji Hye Kim | Hye Ri Kim | Tao Yu | Se Eun Byeon | Larry D. Unsworth | Jaehwi Lee | Jae Youl Cho
Umbilical Arterial Blood Gas and Perinatal Outcome in the Second Twin according to the Planned Mode of Delivery

Author(s): Ji Young Kwon, Won Sik Yoon, Gui Se Ra Lee, Sa Jin Kim, Jong Chul Shin, In Yang Park
Tender Papule Rising on the Digit: Pacinian Neuroma Should Be Considered in Differential Diagnosis

Author(s): Hyun Hee Cho, Jong Soo Hong, Se Young Park, Hyun Sun Park, Soyun Cho, Jong Hee Lee
Delta neutrophil index as an early marker of disease severity in critically ill patients with sepsis

Author(s): Park Byung | Kang Young | Park Moo | Jung Won | Lee Su | Lee Sang | Kim Song | Kim Se | Chang Joon | Jung Ji | Kim Young
Tat peptide-admixed elastic liposomal formulation of hirsutenone for the treatment of atopic dermatitis in Nc/Nga mice

Author(s): Kang MJ | Eum JY | Jeong MS | Park SH | Moon KY | Kang MH | Kim MS | Choi SE | Lee MW | Lee DI | Bang H | Lee CS | Joo SS | Li K | Lee M-K | Seo SJ | Choi YW
Healthcare-associated pneumonia among hospitalized patients in a Korean tertiary hospital

Author(s): Jung Ji | Park Moo | Kim Young | Park Byung | Kim Se | Chang Joon | Kang Young
Clinical outcome of Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome mimicking acute biliary disease

Author(s): Seong Yong Woo, Jin Il Kim, Dae Young Cheung, Se Hyun Cho, Soo-Heon Park, Joon-Yeol Han, Jae Kwang Kim
A Decade of Music Therapy in Korea

Author(s): Eun Young Hwang | Se Yeon Park
Retrospective analyses of cisplatin-based doublet combination chemotherapy in patients with advanced gastric cancer

Author(s): Lim Do | Park Se | Park Keon | Kang Jung | Oh Sung | Hwang In | Kwon Jung | Lee Sang-Cheol | Lee Hui-Young | Kim Hyeong | Lim Ho | Kang Won
Risk factors for multi-drug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii bacteremia in patients with colonization in the intensive care unit

Author(s): Jung Ji | Park Moo | Kim Song | Park Byung | Son Ji | Kim Eun | Lim Joo | Lee Sang | Lee Sang | Lee Kyung | Kang Young | Kim Se | Chang Joon | Kim Young
Separation Characteristics of Reactive Orange Dye from Aqueous Solution Using Biosorbent

Author(s): Tae Young Kim | Byoung Jun Min | Se Young Choi | Seung Shik Park | Sung Yong Cho | Seung Jai Kim
Kinematic aspects of trunk motion and gender effect in normal adults

Author(s): Chung Chin Youb | Park Moon Seok | Lee Sang Hyeong | Kong Se Jin | Lee Kyoung Min
Metastatic lymph node in gastric cancer; Is it a real distant metastasis?

Author(s): Lim Do | Kim Hyeong | Park Young | Lee Jeeyun | Park Se | Lim Ho | Ji Sang | Park Min | Yi Seong | An Ji | Sohn Tae | Noh Jae | Bae Jae | Kim Sung | Park Cheol | Kang Won
Complete response to FOLFOX4 therapy in a patient with advanced urothelial cancer: a case report

Author(s): Seo Yu | Kim Se | Kim Hyun | Kim Chan | Park Seong | Koh Eun | Hong Dae
Association of shared decision-making with type of breast cancer surgery: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Lee Myung | Noh Dong | Nam Seok | Ahn Se | Park Byeong | Lee Eun | Yun Young
Performance of the tuberculin skin test and interferon-γ release assay for detection of tuberculosis infection in immunocompromised patients in a BCG-vaccinated population

Author(s): Kim Eun | Lim Ju | Jung Ji | Son Ji | Lee Kyung | Yoon Yoe | Park Byung | Moon Jin | Park Moo | Kim Young | Kim Se | Chang Joon | Kang Young
A retrospective analysis of second-line chemotherapy in patients with advanced gastric cancer

Author(s): Ji Sang | Lim Do | Yi Seong | Kim Hyo | Jun Hyun | Kim Kyoung | Chang Myung | Park Min | Uhm Ji | Lee Jeeyun | Park Se | Park Joon | Park Young | Lim Ho | Kang Won
Comparison of the MicroScan, VITEK 2, and Crystal GP with 16S rRNA sequencing and MicroSeq 500 v2.0 analysis for coagulase-negative Staphylococci

Author(s): Kim Miyoung | Heo Se | Choi Soon | Kwon Hyelin | Park Jeong | Seong Moon-Woo | Lee Do-Hoon | Park Kyoung | Song Junghan | Kim Eui-Chong
Systemic chemotherapy with doxorubicin, cisplatin and capecitabine for metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma

Author(s): Park Se | Lee Yuna | Han Sang | Kwon So | Kwon Oh | Kim Sun | Kim Ju | Park Yeon | Lee Jeong | Bang Soo-Mee | Cho Eun | Shin Dong | Lee Jae

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