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An Extended Genetic Linkage Map for Watermelon Based on a Testcross and a BC2F2 Population

Author(s): Amnon Levi | Patrick Wechter | Laura Massey | Louisa Carter | Donald Hopkins
Realization of a 33 GHz phononic crystal fabricated in a freestanding membrane

Author(s): Drew F. Goettler | Mehmet F. Su | Charles M. Reinke | Seyedhamidreza Alaie | Patrick E. Hopkins | Roy H. Olsson III | Ihab El-Kady | Zayd C. Leseman
Thermal Conductivity in Nanoporous Gold Films during Electron-Phonon Nonequilibrium

Author(s): Patrick E. Hopkins | Pamela M. Norris | Leslie M. Phinney | Steven A. Policastro | Robert G. Kelly
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