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Identification of two new protective pre-erythrocytic malaria vaccine antigen candidates

Author(s): Limbach Keith | Aguiar Joao | Gowda Kalpana | Patterson Noelle | Abot Esteban | Sedegah Martha | Sacci John | Richie Thomas
Induction of multi-antigen multi-stage immune responses against Plasmodium falciparum in rhesus monkeys, in the absence of antigen interference, with heterologous DNA prime/poxvirus boost immunization

Author(s): Jiang George | Charoenvit Yupin | Moreno Alberto | Baraceros Maria | Banania Glenna | Richie Nancy | Abot Steve | Ganeshan Harini | Fallarme Victoria | Patterson Noelle | Geall Andrew | Weiss Walter | Strobert Elizabeth | Caro-Aquilar Ivette | Lanar David | Saul Allan | Martin Laura | Gowda Kalpana | Morrissette Craig | Kaslow David | Carucci Daniel | Galinski Mary | Doolan Denise
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