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Youth, Caregiver, and Prescriber Experiences of Antipsychotic-Related Weight Gain

Author(s): Andrea Lynn Murphy | David Martin Gardner | Steve Kisely | Charmaine Cooke | Stanley Paul Kutcher | Jean Hughes
Space Requirements to Optimize Welfare and Performance in Group Housed Pigs-A Review

Author(s): Alexandra L. Whittaker | William H. Van Wettere | Paul E. Hughes
Bio-Based Paths to Prosperity for Small and Medium Forest Landowners: A Pilot Study in Southwest Louisiana

Author(s): Roger Smithhart | Richard P. Vlosky | Michael Blazier | Paul Darby | Glenn Hughes | Dek Terrell

Author(s): James A. Johnstone | Paul A. Ford | Gerwyn Hughes | Tim Watson | Andrew C. S. Mitchell | Andrew T. Garrett
Assessment of the Bacteriocinogenic Potential of Marine Bacteria Reveals Lichenicidin Production by Seaweed-Derived Bacillus spp.

Author(s): Maria Luz Prieto | Laurie O’Sullivan | Shiau Pin Tan | Peter McLoughlin | Helen Hughes | Paula M. O’Connor | Paul D. Cotter | Peadar G. Lawlor | Gillian E. Gardiner

Author(s): James A. Johnstone | Paul A. Ford | Gerwyn Hughes | Tim Watson | Andrew T. Garrett

Author(s): James A. Johnstone | Paul A. Ford | Gerwyn Hughes | Tim Watson | Andrew T. Garrett
Planetary Boundaries: Exploring the Safe Operating Space for Humanity

Author(s): Johan Rockström | Will Steffen | Kevin Noone | Åsa Persson | F. Stuart III Chapin | Eric Lambin | Timothy M. Lenton | Marten Scheffer | Carl Folke | Hans Joachim Schellnhuber | Björn Nykvist | Cynthia A. de Wit | Terry Hughes | Sander van der Leeuw | Henning Rodhe | Sverker Sörlin | Peter K. Snyder | Robert Costanza | Uno Svedin | Malin Falkenmark | Louise Karlberg | Robert W. Corell | Victoria J. Fabry | James Hansen | Brian Walker | Diana Liverman | Katherine Richardson | Paul Crutzen | Jonathan Foley
Delay in diagnosis of cancer as a patient safety issue - a root cause analysis based on a representative case report

Author(s): Vaidyanathan Subramanian | Soni Bakul | Singh Gurpreet | Hughes Peter | Mansour Paul | Oo Tun
Motesanib inhibits Kit mutations associated with gastrointestinal stromal tumors

Author(s): Caenepeel Sean | Renshaw-Gegg Lisa | Baher Angelo | Bush Tammy | Baron Will | Juan Todd | Manoukian Raffi | Tasker Andrew | Polverino Anthony | Hughes Paul
The population approach to falls injury prevention in older people: findings of a two community trial

Author(s): McClure Rod | Hughes Karen | Ren Cizao | McKenzie Kirsten | Dietrich Uta | Vardon Paul | Davis Elizabeth | Newman Beth
Study Protocol - Accurate assessment of kidney function in Indigenous Australians: aims and methods of the eGFR Study

Author(s): Maple-Brown Louise | Lawton Paul | Hughes Jaquelyne | Sharma Suresh | Jones Graham | Ellis Andrew | Hoy Wendy | Cass Alan | MacIsaac Richard | Sinha Ashim | Thomas Mark | Piers Leonard | Ward Leigh | Drabsch Katrina | Panagiotopoulos Sianna | McDermott Robyn | Warr Kevin | Cherian Sajiv | Brown Alex | Jerums George | O'Dea Kerin
Characterisation of Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium isolates from wild birds in northern England from 2005 – 2006

Author(s): Hughes Laura | Shopland Sara | Wigley Paul | Bradon Hannah | Leatherbarrow A Howard | Williams Nicola | Bennett Malcolm | de Pinna Elizabeth | Lawson Becki | Cunningham Andrew | Chantrey Julian
Genetic variants of Complement factor H gene are not associated with premature coronary heart disease: a family-based study in the Irish population

Author(s): Meng Weihua | Hughes Anne | Patterson Chris | Belton Christine | Kamaruddin Muhammad | Horan Paul | Kee Frank | McKeown Pascal
The dystrotelin, dystrophin and dystrobrevin superfamily: new paralogues and old isoforms

Author(s): Jin Hong | Tan Sipin | Hermanowski Jane | Böhm Sabrina | Pacheco Sabrina | McCauley Joanna | Greener Marc | Hinits Yaniv | Hughes Simon | Sharpe Paul | Roberts Roland
Effects of backpacking holidays in Australia on alcohol, tobacco and drug use of UK residents

Author(s): Bellis Mark | Hughes Karen | Dillon Paul | Copeland Jan | Gates Peter
Male circumcision, religion, and infectious diseases: an ecologic analysis of 118 developing countries

Author(s): Drain Paul | Halperin Daniel | Hughes James | Klausner Jeffrey | Bailey Robert
Lack of MEF2A Δ7aa mutation in Irish families with early onset ischaemic heart disease, a family based study

Author(s): Horan Paul | Allen Adrian | Hughes Anne | Patterson Chris | Spence Mark | McGlinchey Paul | Belton Christine | Jardine Tracy | McKeown Pascal
Why do HIV-1 and HIV-2 use different pathways to develop AZT resistance?

Author(s): Boyer Paul L | Sarafianos Stefan G | Clark Patrick K | Arnold Eddy | Hughes Stephen H
Efficient gene-driven germ-line point mutagenesis of C57BL/6J mice

Author(s): Michaud Edward | Culiat Cymbeline | Klebig Mitchell | Barker Paul | Cain KT | Carpenter Debra | Easter Lori | Foster Carmen | Gardner Alysyn | Guo ZY | Houser Kay | Hughes Lori | Kerley Marilyn | Liu Zhaowei | Olszewski Robert | Pinn Irina | Shaw Ginger | Shinpock Sarah | Wymore Ann | Rinchik Eugene | Johnson Dabney
Cerebral relapse of metastatic gastrointestinal stromal tumor during treatment with imatinib mesylate: Case report

Author(s): Hughes Brett | Yip Desmond | Goldstein David | Waring Paul | Beshay Victoria | Chong Guan
Using a Geographical Information System to investigate the relationship between reported cryptosporidiosis and water supply

Author(s): Hughes Sara | Syed Qutub | Woodhouse Sarah | Lake Iain | Osborn Keith | Chalmers Rachel | Hunter Paul
Problems in early diagnosis of bladder cancer in a spinal cord injury patient: Report of a case of simultaneous production of granulocyte colony stimulating factor and parathyroid hormone-related protein by squamous cell carcinoma of urinary bladder

Author(s): Vaidyanathan Subramanian | Mansour Paul | Ueno Munehisa | Yamazaki Kazuto | Wadhwa Meenu | Soni Bakul | Singh Gurpreet | Hughes Peter | Watson Ian | Sett Pradipkumar
Localised necrosis of scrotum (Fournier's gangrene) in a spinal cord injury patient – a case report

Author(s): Vaidyanathan Subramanian | Soni Bakul | Hughes Peter | Mansour Paul | Singh Gurpreet | Darroch James | Oo Tun
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