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Exploring chemical diversity via a modular reaction pairing strategy

Author(s): Joanna K. Loh | Sun Young Yoon | Thiwanka B. Samarakoon | Alan Rolfe | Patrick Porubsky | Benjamin Neuenswander | Gerald H. Lushington | Paul R. Hanson
Gastric Schwannoma: A Rare but Important Differential Diagnosis of a Gastric Submucosal Mass

Author(s): William Yoon | Kari Paulson | Paul Mazzara | Sweety Nagori | Mohammed Barawi | Richard Berri
Modal Tilt/Translate Control and Stability of a Rigid Rotor with Gyroscopics on Active Magnetic Bearings

Author(s): Timothy Dimond | Paul Allaire | Simon Mushi | Zongli Lin | Se Young Yoon
Kinematic analysis of symmetric axial trunk rotation on dominant hip

Author(s): Paul S. Sung, PhD, DHSc, PT | Yoon Hyuk Kim, PhD
Design and Characterization of a Centrifugal Compressor Surge Test Rig

Author(s): Kin Tien Lim | Se Young Yoon | Christopher P. Goyne | Zongli Lin | Paul E. Allaire
Genetic variation in DNA-repair pathways and response to radiochemotherapy in esophageal adenocarcinoma: a retrospective cohort study of the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group

Author(s): Yoon Harry | Catalano Paul | Murphy Kathleen | Skaar Todd | Philips Santosh | Powell Mark | Montgomery Elizabeth | Hafez Michael | Offer Steven | Liu Geoffrey | Meltzer Stephen | Wu Xifeng | Forastiere Arlene | Benson Al | Kleinberg Lawrence | Gibson Michael
Capacity-building efforts by the AFHSC-GEIS program

Author(s): Sanchez Jose | Johns Matthew | Burke Ronald | Vest Kelly | Fukuda Mark | Yoon In-Kyu | Lon Chanthap | Quintana Miguel | Schnabel David | Pimentel Guillermo | Mansour Moustafa | Tobias Steven | Montgomery Joel | Gray Gregory | Saylors Karen | Ndip Lucy | Lewis Sheri | Blair Patrick | Sjoberg Paul | Kuschner Robert | Russell Kevin | Blazes David
User acceptance of Online Banking Service in Australia

Author(s): Paul H.P. Yeow | Yee Yen Yuen | David Yoon Kin Tong | Nena Lim
Spectral and entropy changes for back muscle fatigability following spinal stabilization exercises

Author(s): Tae-Ro Lee, PhD | Yoon Hyuk Kim, PhD | Paul S. Sung, PhD, DHSc, PT
GLI1 genotypes do not predict basal cell carcinoma risk: a case control study

Author(s): Watson Andrea | Kent Paul | Alam Murad | Paller Amy | Umbach David | Yoon Joon | Iannaccone Philip | Walterhouse David
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