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Review of the millipede family Opisotretidae (Diplopoda, Polydesmida), with descriptions of new species

Author(s): Sergei Golovatch | Jean-Jacques Geoffroy | Pavel Stoev | Didier VandenSpiegel
Accelerating innovative publishing in taxonomy and systematics: 250 issues of ZooKeys

Author(s): Terry Erwin | Lyubomir Penev | Pavel Stoev | Teodor Georgiev
Publishing online identification keys in the form of scholarly papers

Author(s): Lyubomir Penev | Pierfilippo Cerretti | Hans-Peter Tschorsnig | Massimo Lopresti | Filippo Di Giovanni | Teodor Georgiev | Pavel Stoev | Terry Erwin
From text to structured data: Converting a word-processed floristic checklist into Darwin Core Archive format

Author(s): David Remsen | Sandra Knapp | Teodor Georgiev | Pavel Stoev | Lyubomir Penev
Semantic tagging of and semantic enhancements to systematics papers: ZooKeys working examples

Author(s): Lyubomir Penev | Donat Agosti | Teodor Georgiev | Terry Catapano | Jeremy Miller | Vladimir Blagoderov | David Roberts | Vincent Smith | Irina Brake | Simon Ryrcroft | Ben Scott | Norman Johnson | Robert Morris | Guido Sautter | Vishwas Chavan | Tim Robertson | David Remsen | Pavel Stoev | Cynthia Parr | Sandra Knapp | W. John Kress | Chris Thompson | Terry Erwin
The millipede genus Glomeris Latreille, 1802 (Diplopoda, Glomerida, Glomeridae) in North Africa

Author(s): Sergei Golovatch | Jean-Paul Mauriès | Nesrine Akkari | Pavel Stoev | Jean-Jacques Geoffroy
ZooKeys 150: Three and a half years of innovative publishing and growth

Author(s): Terry Erwin | Pavel Stoev | Teodor Georgiev | Lyubomir Penev
Interlinking journal and wiki publications through joint citation: Working examples from ZooKeys and Plazi on Species-ID

Author(s): Lyubomir Penev | Gregor Hagedorn | Daniel Mietchen | Teodor Georgiev | Pavel Stoev | Guido Sautter | Donat Agosti | Andreas Plank | Michael Balke | Lars Hendrich | Terry Erwin

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