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A novel whole-cell lysate kinase assay identifies substrates of the p38 MAPK in differentiating myoblasts

Author(s): Knight James DR | Tian Ruijun | Lee Robin EC | Wang Fangjun | Beauvais Ariane | Zou Hanfa | Megeney Lynn A | Gingras Anne-Claude | Pawson Tony | Figeys Daniel | Kothary Rashmi
Modification of the Creator recombination system for proteomics applications – improved expression by addition of splice sites

Author(s): Colwill Karen | Wells Clark | Elder Kelly | Goudreault Marilyn | Hersi Kadija | Kulkarni Sarang | Hardy W Rod | Pawson Tony | Morin Gregg
PreBIND and Textomy – mining the biomedical literature for protein-protein interactions using a support vector machine

Author(s): Donaldson Ian | Martin Joel | de Bruijn Berry | Wolting Cheryl | Lay Vicki | Tuekam Brigitte | Zhang Shudong | Baskin Berivan | Bader Gary | Michalickova Katerina | Pawson Tony | Hogue Christopher
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