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If Content Is King, Context Is Its Crown

Author(s): Pelle Snickars
The Use of Nurse Checklists in a Bedside Computer-Based Information System to Focus on Avoiding Secondary Insults in Neurointensive Care

Author(s): Lena Nyholm | Anders Lewén | Camilla Fröjd | Tim Howells | Pelle Nilsson | Per Enblad
Obstetric Thromboprophylaxis: The Swedish Guidelines

Author(s): Pelle G. Lindqvist | Margareta Hellgren
Timing of preoperative antibiotics for knee arthroplasties: Improving the routines in Sweden

Author(s): W-Dahl Annette | Robertsson Otto | Stefánsdóttir Anna | Gustafson Pelle | Lidgren Lars
Radar SLAM using visual features

Author(s): Callmer Jonas | Törnqvist David | Gustafsson Fredrik | Svensson Henrik | Carlbom Pelle
Actual trends in palliative oncologic surgery

Author(s): Patrizi G | Miscusi G | Pelle F | Di Rocco G | Venturini L | Giannotti D | Frezzotti F | Giordano R | Redler A
Changes of serum calcium levels after thyroid surgery in the elderly

Author(s): Patrizi G | Federici S | Fazi M | Pelle F | Fiengo L | Venturini L | Di Rocco G | Giannotti D | Frezzotti F | Giordano R | Redler A
Right colon angiodysplasia and lower limb chronic obstructive arteropathy: simultaneous endovascular treatment

Author(s): Patrizi G | Fazi M | Fiengo L | Di Rocco G | Pelle F | Giannotti D | Venturini L | Frezzotti F | Giordano R | Redler A | Salvatori FM
Superior mesenteric artery ischemia: endovascular approach

Author(s): Patrizi G | Fazi M | Fiengo L | Di Rocco G | Giannotti D | Pelle F | Frezzotti F | Giordano R | Venturini L | Redler A | Salvatori FM
Surgical treatment for primary hyperparathyroidism in the elderly: a single-center analysis

Author(s): Venturini L | Frezzotti F | Giannella A | Di Rocco G | Fiengo L | Giannotti D | Federici S | Paciotti C | Patrizi G | Pelle F | Sforza N | Redler A
Arboriculture for quality timber production with hardwood: results after 20 years from planting

Author(s): Barreca L | Marziliano PA | Menguzzato G | Pelle L | Scuderi A
Companies crossing borders within Europe

Author(s): Philippe Pellé
Perfusion index variations in clinically and hemodynamically stable preterm newborns in the first week of life

Author(s): Cresi Francesco | Pelle Emanuela | Calabrese Roberto | Costa Luciana | Farinasso Daniela | Silvestro Leandra
Economic and other barriers to adopting recommendations to prevent childhood obesity: results of a focus group study with parents

Author(s): Sonneville Kendrin | La Pelle Nancy | Taveras Elsie | Gillman Matthew | Prosser Lisa
P16-11. HLA-B57/5801 induces preferential CD27 expression on HIV-Gag but not Nef specific central memory CD8+T cells controlling HIV

Author(s): Xie J | Lu W | Samri A | Costagliola D | Schnuriger A | da Silva BC | Blanc C | Almeida M | Pellé O | Theodorou I | Rouzioux C | Autran B
Incidence of early posterior shoulder dislocation in brachial plexus birth palsy

Author(s): Dahlin Lars | Erichs Kristina | Andersson Charlotte | Thornqvist Catharina | Backman Clas | Düppe Henrik | Lindqvist Pelle | Forslund Marianne
A novel strategy for the identification of antigens that are recognised by bovine MHC class I restricted cytotoxic T cells in a protozoan infection using reverse vaccinology

Author(s): Graham Simon | Honda Yoshikazu | Pellé Roger | Mwangi Duncan | Glew E Jane | de Villiers Etienne | Shah Trushar | Bishop Richard | van der Bruggen Pierre | Nene Vishvanath | Taracha Evans
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