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Practices to manage chestnut orchards infested by the Chinese gall wasp

Author(s): Turchetti T | Pennacchio F | D’Acqui LP | Maresi G | Pedrazzoli F
Les emprunts lexicaux dans le Coran

Author(s): Catherine Pennacchio
Lexical Borrowing in the Qur’ān

Author(s): Catherine Pennacchio
Dynamics of Persistent and Acute Deformed Wing Virus Infections in Honey Bees, Apis mellifera

Author(s): Gennaro Di Prisco | Xuan Zhang | Francesco Pennacchio | Emilio Caprio | Jilian Li | Jay D. Evans | Gloria DeGrandi-Hoffman | Michele Hamilton | Yan Ping Chen
Distribution of helminths in buffalo farms from central Italy

Author(s): R.U. Condoleo | V. Veneziano | G. Bruni | M. Santaniello | S. Carbone | S. Pennacchio | L. Rinaldi | G. Cringoli
Lice (Haematopinus tuberculatus) in water buffalo farms from central Italy

Author(s): V. Veneziano | M. Santaniello | S. Carbone | S. Pennacchio | M.E. Morgoglione | M. Schioppi | R. Condoleo | G. Cringoli
The effect of moxidectin 0,1% vs ivermectin 0,08% on milk production in sheep naturally infected by gastrointestinal nematodes

Author(s): Cringoli Giuseppe | Veneziano Vincenzo | Mezzino Laura | Morgoglione Mariaelena | Pennacchio Saverio | Rinaldi Laura | Salamina Vincenzo
The INSIG2 rs7566605 genetic variant does not play a major role in obesity in a sample of 24,722 individuals from four cohorts

Author(s): Bressler Jan | Fornage Myriam | Hanis Craig | Kao Wen | Lewis Cora | McPherson Ruth | Dent Robert | Mosley Thomas | Pennacchio Len | Boerwinkle Eric
Early suppression of immune response in Heliothis virescens larvae by the endophagous

Author(s): R Ferrarese | M Brivio | T Congiu | P Falabella | A Grimaldi | M Mastore | G Perletti | F Pennacchio | L Sciacca | G Tettamanti | R Valvassori | M de Eguileor
SNP-VISTA: An interactive SNP visualization tool

Author(s): Shah Nameeta | Teplitsky Michael | Minovitsky Simon | Pennacchio Len | Hugenholtz Philip | Hamann Bernd | Dubchak Inna
Lack of support for the association between GAD2 polymorphisms and severe human obesity.

Author(s): Swarbrick Michael M | Waldenmaier Björn | Pennacchio Len A | Lind Denise L | Cavazos Martha M | Geller Frank | Merriman Raphael | Ustaszewska Anna | Malloy Mary | Scherag André | Hsueh Wen-Chi | Rief Winfried | Mauvais-Jarvis Franck | Pullinger Clive R | Kane John P | Dent Robert | McPherson Ruth | Kwok Pui-Yan | Hinney Anke | Hebebrand Johannes | Vaisse Christian

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