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A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Health Behaviors between Saudi and British Adolescents Living in Urban Areas: Gender by Country Analyses

Author(s): Hazzaa M. Al-Hazzaa | Yahya Al-Nakeeb | Michael J. Duncan | Hana I. Al-Sobayel | Nada A. Abahussain | Abdulrahman O. Musaiger | Mark Lyons | Peter Collins | Alan Nevill
Molecular targets in the treatment of alcoholic hepatitis

Author(s): Ashwin D Dhanda | Richard WL Lee | Peter L Collins | C Anne McCune
Shifting Power: US Hegemony and the Media

Author(s): Erin Collins | Martin Jensen | Peter Kanev | Mathew MacCalla
Low-loss meta-atom for improved resonance response

Author(s): Derrick Langley | Ronald A. Coutu Jr. | Peter J. Collins
Obesity, Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior Amongst British and Saudi Youth: A Cross-Cultural Study

Author(s): Yahya Al-Nakeeb | Mark Lyons | Peter Collins | Anwar Al-Nuaim | Hazzaa Al-Hazzaa | Michael J. Duncan | Alan Nevill
The Prevalence of Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviours Relative to Obesity among Adolescents from Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia: Rural versus Urban Variations

Author(s): Anwar A. Al-Nuaim | Yahya Al-Nakeeb | Mark Lyons | Hazzaa M. Al-Hazzaa | Alan Nevill | Peter Collins | Michael J. Duncan
Book Reviews

Author(s): R.H. Barnes | Janet Hoskins | Peter Boomgaard | Ann Kumar | Peter Boomgaard | Lenore Manderson | Matthew Isaac Cohen | Bambang Widoyo | James T. Collins | Bernd Nothofer | J.R. Flenley | Kristina R.M. Beuning | Gregory Forth | Karl-Heinze Kohl | J. van Goor | Brook Barrington | Mies Grijns | Penny van Esterik | Hans Hagerdal | Alfons van der Kraan | Volker Heeschen | Jurg Wassmann | Nico Kaptein | Masykuri Abdillah | Niels Mulder | Ivan A. Hadar | Niels Mulder | Jim Schiller | J.W. Nibbering | Raymond L. Bryant | Hetty Nooy-Palm | Douglas W. Hollan | Anton Ploeg | Bill Gammage | Anton Ploeg | Jurg Wassmann | John Villiers | Abdul Kohar Rony | Lourens de Vries | Ulrike Mosel
Book Reviews

Author(s): K. Alexander Adelaar | James T. Collins | K. Alexander Adelaar | James T. Collins | K. Alexander Adelaar | James T. Collins | K. Alexander Adelaar | James T. Collins | Freek L. Bakker | Samuel Wälty | René van den Berg | Linda Barsel | Martin van Bruinessen | Darul Aqsha | Martin van Bruinessen | Niels Mulder | Matthew Isaac Cohen | Craig A, Lockard | Will Derks | Philip Yampolsky | Will Derks | Philip Yampolsky | Will Derks | Tenas Effendy | Rens Heringa | Roy W. Hamilton | Bernice de Jong Boers | Willemijn de Jong | C. de Jonge | A.Th. Boone | Nico Kaptein | Peter G. Riddell | Hugo Klooster | Janny de Jong | Jean Robert Opgenort | L. Smits | Pim Schoorl | Albert Hahl | Elly Touwen-Bouwsma | Dieuwke Wendelaar Bonga | Freek Colombijn | Anthony J. Whitten | David Henley | Anthony J. Whitten | Peter Boomgaard | Tony Whitten | Han Knapen | Kathy MacKinnon | Bernice de Jong Boers | Manon Ossewiejer | Kathryn A. Monk | Freek Colombijn | Tomas Tomascik
Mutation of the elongin C binding domain of human respiratory syncytial virus non-structural protein 1 (NS1) results in degradation of NS1 and attenuation of the virus

Author(s): Straub Claire | Lau Wei-Har | Preston Faith | Headlam Madeleine | Gorman Jeffery | Collins Peter | Spann Kirsten
Venous thromboembolism prophylaxis guideline implementation is improved by nurse directed feedback and audit

Author(s): Gibbs Harry | Fletcher John | Blombery Peter | Collins Renea | Wheatley David
The Utility of Repeat Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Fine Needle Aspiration for Suspected Pancreatic Cancer

Author(s): Mark Nicaud | Wei Hou | Dennis Collins | Mihir S. Wagh | Shailendra Chauhan | Peter V. Draganov
Ultrafast Cine cardiac MRI in the assessment of left ventricular diastology

Author(s): Collins Jeremy | Weale Peter | Chatterjee Neil | Wasielewski Marie | Shah Sanjiv | Carr James
Phase contrast mri measurement of e/a and e/e'

Author(s): Chatterjee Neil | Collins Jeremy | Carr James | Weale Peter
Measurement of diastolic left ventricular function with ultra-fast phase contrast MRI

Author(s): Chatterjee Neil | Weale Peter | Wasielewski Marie | Carroll Timothy | Carr James | Collins Jeremy
A novel, automated method for measuring mitral valve annular velocity from standard cine TrueFISP data - a feasibility study

Author(s): Weale Peter | Guetter Christoph | Collins Jeremy | Wasielewski Marie | Chatterjee Neil | Jolly Marie-Pierre | Xue Hui | Lu Xiaoguang | Guehring Jens | Zuehlsdorff Sven | Carr James
Brain size and brain/intracranial volume ratio in major mental illness

Author(s): Reite Martin | Reite Erik | Collins Dan | Teale Peter | Rojas Donald | Sandberg Elliot
Elevated anti-Zta IgG levels and EBV viral load are associated with site of tumor presentation in endemic Burkitt's lymphoma patients: a case control study

Author(s): Asito Amolo | Piriou Erwan | Odada Peter | Fiore Nancy | Middeldorp Jaap | Long Carole | Dutta Sheetij | Lanar David | Jura Walter | Ouma Collins | Otieno Juliana | Moormann Ann | Rochford Rosemary
Consensus recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of acquired hemophilia A

Author(s): Collins Peter | Baudo Francesco | Huth-Kühne Angela | Ingerslev Jørgen | Kessler Craig | Castellano Maria | Shima Midori | St-Louis Jean | Lévesque Hervé
Multiecho dixon fat and water separation method for diagnosing pericardial disease

Author(s): Davarpanah Amir | Farrelly Cormac | Collins Jeremy | Weale Peter | Shah Saurabh | Zuehlsdorff Sven | Carr James
The emerging role of the microbial-gastrointestinal-neural axis

Author(s): Peter G. McLean | Andrew R. Calver | David H. Alpers | Stephen M. Collins | Fergus Shanahan | Kevin Lee
Mutational analysis of βCOP (Sec26p) identifies an appendage domain critical for function

Author(s): DeRegis Carol | Rahl Peter | Hoffman Gregory | Cerione Richard | Collins Ruth
Attenuation and efficacy of human parainfluenza virus type 1 (HPIV1) vaccine candidates containing stabilized mutations in the P/C and L genes

Author(s): Bartlett Emmalene | Castaño Adam | Surman Sonja | Collins Peter | Skiadopoulos Mario | Murphy Brian
RNase MRP and the RNA processing cascade in the eukaryotic ancestor

Author(s): Woodhams Michael | Stadler Peter | Penny David | Collins Lesley
Differential expression of selected histone modifier genes in human solid cancers

Author(s): Özdağ Hilal | Teschendorff Andrew | Ahmed Ahmed | Hyland Sarah | Blenkiron Cherie | Bobrow Linda | Veerakumarasivam Abhi | Burtt Glynn | Subkhankulova Tanya | Arends Mark | Collins V Peter | Bowtell David | Kouzarides Tony | Brenton James | Caldas Carlos
Genome-wide analysis of menin binding provides insights into MEN1 tumorigenesis.

Author(s): Scacheri Peter C | Davis Sean | Odom Duncan T | Crawford Gregory E | Perkins Stacie | Halawi Mohamad J | Agarwal Sunita K | Marx Stephen J | Spiegel Allen M | Meltzer Paul S | Collins Francis S
Genetic analysis of the capsular biosynthetic locus from all 90 pneumococcal serotypes.

Author(s): Bentley Stephen D | Aanensen David M | Mavroidi Angeliki | Saunders David | Rabbinowitsch Ester | Collins Matthew | Donohoe Kathy | Harris David | Murphy Lee | Quail Michael A | Samuel Gabby | Skovsted Ian C | Kaltoft Margit Staum | Barrell Bart | Reeves Peter R | Parkhill Julian | Spratt Brian G
Comparison of flow characteristics and vascular reactivity of radial artery and long saphenous vein grafts [NCT00139399]

Author(s): Chong William | Collins Peter | Webb Carolyn | De Souza Anthony | Pepper John | Hayward Christopher | Moat Neil
Hyperresponsiveness to inhaled but not intravenous methacholine during acute respiratory syncytial virus infection in mice

Author(s): Collins Rachel | Gualano Rosa | Zosky Graeme | Atkins Constance | Turner Debra | Colasurdo Giuseppe | Sly Peter
The role of the eosinophil-selective chemokine, eotaxin, in allergic and non-allergic airways inflammation

Author(s): Conroy Dolores M | Humbles Alison A | Rankin Sara M | Palframan Roger T | Collins Paul D | Griffiths-Johnson David A | Jose Peter J | Williams Timothy J
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