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Sociotechnical scenarios for the Austrian energy system

Author(s): Ornetzeder Michael | Rohracher Harald | Wächter Petra
Towards a Sustainable Spatial Organization of the Energy System: Backcasting Experiences from Austria

Author(s): Petra Wächter | Michael Ornetzeder | Harald Rohracher | Anna Schreuer | Markus Knoflacher
Comparison of culture and qPCR for the detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in not chronically infected cystic fibrosis patients

Author(s): Deschaght Pieter | Schelstraete Petra | Lopes dos Santos Santiago Guido | Van Simaey Leen | Haerynck Filomeen | Van daele Sabine | De Wachter Elke | Malfroot Anne | Lebecque Patrick | Knoop Christiane | Casimir Georges | Boboli Hedwige | Pierart Frédéric | Desager Kristine | Vaneechoutte Mario | De Baets Frans

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