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Dual endothelin-converting enzyme/neutral endopeptidase blockade in rats with D-galactosamine-induced liver failure

Author(s): Hocher B | Heiden S | von Websky K | Rahnenführer J | Kalk P | Pfab T
Renal phenotype of Et-1 transgenic mice is modulated by androgens

Author(s): Kalk P | Thöne-Reineke C | Schwarz A | Godes M | Bauer C | Pfab T | Hocher B
The State-selectedPredissociation Dynamics ofCClF2NO Ã(n,π*)

Author(s): Martin R. S. McCoustra | Julie A. Dyet | Josef Pfab
Acupuncture in acute herpes zoster pain therapy (ACUZoster) – design and protocol of a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Fleckenstein Johannes | Kramer Sybille | Hoffrogge Philipp | Thoma Sarah | Lang Philip | Lehmeyer Lukas | Schober Gabriel | Pfab Florian | Ring Johannes | Weisenseel Peter | Schotten Klaus | Mansmann Ulrich | Irnich Dominik
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