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A school-based intervention to promote physical activity among adolescent girls: Rationale, design, and baseline data from the Girls in Sport group randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Okely Anthony | Cotton Wayne | Lubans David | Morgan Philip | Puglisi Lauren | Miller Judy | Wright Jan | Batterham Marijka | Peralta Louisa | Perry Janine
The clustering of health behaviours in Ireland and their relationship with mental health, self-rated health and quality of life

Author(s): Conry Mary | Morgan Karen | Curry Philip | McGee Hannah | Harrington Janas | Ward Mark | Shelley Emer
Investigation of 95 variants identified in a genome-wide study for association with mortality after acute coronary syndrome

Author(s): Morgan Thomas | House John | Cresci Sharon | Jones Philip | Allayee Hooman | Hazen Stanley | Patel Yesha | Patel Riyaz | Eapen Danny | Waddy Salina | Quyyumi Arshed | Kleber Marcus | März Winfried | Winkelmann Bernhard | Boehm Bernhard | Krumholz Harlan | Spertus John
Prevalence of sacral dysmorphia in a prospective trauma population: Implications for a "safe" surgical corridor for sacro-iliac screw placement

Author(s): Hasenboehler Erik | Stahel Philip | Williams Allison | Smith Wade | Newman Justin | Symonds David | Morgan Steven
Modulation of the Cellular Expression of Circulating Advanced Glycation End-Product Receptors in Type 2 Diabetic Nephropathy

Author(s): Karly C. Sourris | Brooke E. Harcourt | Sally A. Penfold | Felicia Y. T. Yap | Amy L. Morley | Philip E. Morgan | Michael J. Davies | Scott T. Baker | George Jerums | Josephine M. Forbes
Evaluation of a commercial web-based weight loss and weight loss maintenance program in overweight and obese adults: a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Collins Clare | Morgan Philip | Jones Pennie | Fletcher Kate | Martin Julia | Aguiar Elroy | Lucas Ashlee | Neve Melinda | McElduff Patrick | Callister Robin
The Nutrition and Enjoyable Activity for Teen Girls (NEAT girls) randomized controlled trial for adolescent girls from disadvantaged secondary schools: rationale, study protocol, and baseline results

Author(s): Lubans David | Morgan Philip | Dewar Deborah | Collins Clare | Plotnikoff Ronald | Okely Anthony | Batterham Marijka | Finn Tara | Callister Robin
Origin of the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum in gorillas

Author(s): Liu Weimin | Li Yingying | Learn Gerald | Rudicell Rebecca | Robertson Joel | Keele Brandon | Ndjango Jean-Bosco | Sanz Crickette | Morgan David | Locatelli Sabrina | Gonder Mary | Kranzusch Philip | Walsh Peter | Delaporte Eric | Mpoudi-Ngole Eitel | Georgiev Alexander | Muller Martin | Shaw George | Peeters Martine | Sharp Paul | Rayner Julian | Hahn Beatrice
Membrane attack complex inhibitor CD59a protects against focal cerebral ischemia in mice

Author(s): Harhausen Denise | Khojasteh Uldus | Stahel Philip | Morgan B Paul | Nietfeld Wilfried | Dirnagl Ulrich | Trendelenburg George
Exploring the mechanisms of weight loss in the SHED-IT intervention for overweight men: a mediation analysis

Author(s): Lubans David | Morgan Philip | Collins Clare | Warren Janet | Callister Robin
Six year follow-up of students who participated in a school-based physical activity intervention: a longitudinal cohort study

Author(s): Barnett Lisa | van Beurden Eric | Morgan Philip | Brooks Lyndon | Zask Avigdor | Beard John
Molecular mechanisms and management of traumatic brain injury – missing the link?

Author(s): Flierl Michael | Smith Wade | Morgan Steven | Stahel Philip
Absence of the complement regulatory molecule CD59a leads to exacerbated neuropathology after traumatic brain injury in mice

Author(s): Stahel Philip | Flierl Michael | Morgan B Paul | Persigehl Ivonne | Stoll Christiane | Conrad Claudia | Touban Basel | Smith Wade | Beauchamp Kathryn | Schmidt Oliver | Ertel Wolfgang | Leinhase Iris
Genomic variation in myeloma: design, content, and initial application of the Bank On A Cure SNP Panel to detect associations with progression-free survival

Author(s): Van Ness Brian | Ramos Christine | Haznadar Majda | Hoering Antje | Haessler Jeff | Crowley John | Jacobus Susanna | Oken Martin | Rajkumar Vincent | Greipp Philip | Barlogie Bart | Durie Brian | Katz Michael | Atluri Gowtham | Fang Gang | Gupta Rohit | Steinbach Michael | Kumar Vipin | Mushlin Richard | Johnson David | Morgan Gareth
Social richness, socio-technical tension and the virtual commissioning of NHS research

Author(s): Morgan Philip | McCourt Christine | Youll Penny
The HIKCUPS trial: a multi-site randomized controlled trial of a combined physical activity skill-development and dietary modification program in overweight and obese children

Author(s): Jones Rachel | Okely Anthony | Collins Clare | Morgan Philip | Steele Julie | Warren Janet | Baur Louise | Cliff Dylan | Burrows Tracy | Cleary Jane
Fatigue behavior of Ilizarov frame versus tibial interlocking nail in a comminuted tibial fracture model: a biomechanical study

Author(s): Hasenboehler Erik | Smith Wade | Laudicina Laurence | Philips Giby | Stahel Philip | Morgan Steven
Evaluation of a 'virtual' approach to commissioning health research

Author(s): McCourt Christine | Morgan Philip | Youll Penny
Metabolic changes after polytrauma: an imperative for early nutritional support

Author(s): Hasenboehler Erik | Williams Allison | Leinhase Iris | Morgan Steven | Smith Wade | Moore Ernest | Stahel Philip
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