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Production and Evaluation of Breakfast Cereal-Based Porridge Mixed with Sesame and Pigeon Peas for Adults

Author(s): Philip John Kanu | Edward Hinaga Sandy | B.A. Joseph Kandeh | Joseph Zed Bahsoon | Zhou Huiming
Optimization of Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Defatted Sesame Flour by Different Proteases and their Effect on the Functional Properties of the Resulting Protein Hydrolysate

Author(s): Philip John Kanu | Jestina Baby Kanu | Edward H. Sandy | Joseph B.A. Kandeh | Philip M.P. Mornya | Zhou Huiming
Studies on Physicochemical Composition of Bennimix: A Traditional Weaning Food

Author(s): Philip John Kanu | Jestina Baby Kanu | Huiming Zhou
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