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Expression and Significance of MAGE Genes in Human Lung Cancer

Author(s): Guangxu LI | Pingping SONG | Baijiang ZHANG
In Vitro Hydroxyapatite-Forming Ability and Antimicrobial Properties of Mesoporous Bioactive Glasses Doped with Ti/Ag

Author(s): Huiming Lin | Jing Zhang | Fengyu Qu | Jingjie Jiang | Pingping Jiang
Structural Requirements of N-Substituted Spiropiperidine Analogues as Agonists of Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ Receptor

Author(s): Pingping Bao | Xiaole Zhang | Hong Ren | Yan Li | Zulin Mu | Shuwei Zhang | Guohui Li | Ling Yang
Nested analysis of passeriform bird assemblages in the Thousand Island Lake region

Author(s): Jingcheng Zhang | Yanping Wang | Pingping Jiang | Peng Li | Mingjian Yu | Ping Ding
The α-glucosidase inhibiting isoflavones isolated from Belamcanda chinensis leaf extract

Author(s): Chongming Wu | Jingyao Shen | Pingping He | Yan Chen | Liang Li | Liang Zhang | Ye Li | Yujuan Fu | Weiwei Meng | Yulin Deng
Identification of a truncated form of methionine sulfoxide reductase a expressed in mouse embryonic stem cells

Author(s): Jia Pingping | Zhang Chi | Jia Yuanyuan | Webster Keith | Huang Xupei | Kochegarov Andrei | Lemanski Sharon | Lemanski Larry

Author(s): Hualing Zhu | Jinhua Zhu | Litong Ban | Pingping Zhang | Miao Zhang
Effects of habitat fragmentation on the use of nest site resources by great tits in Thousand Island Lake, Zhejiang Province

Author(s): Meng Zhang | Jiji Sun | Yanping Wang | Pingping Jiang | Ping Ding | Gaofu Xu
Sodium quercetin-8-sulfonate trihydrate

Author(s): Xian Zhang | Yueqing Li | Pingping Chen | Tianjiao Han | Weijie Zhao
Myofibril-Inducing RNA (MIR) is essential for tropomyosin expression and myofibrillogenesis in axolotl hearts

Author(s): Zhang Chi | Jia Pingping | Huang Xupei | Sferrazza Gian | Athauda Gagani | Achary Mohan | Wang Jikui | Lemanski Sharon | Dube Dipak | Lemanski Larry
Modeling the role of p53 pulses in DNA damage- induced cell death decision

Author(s): Sun Tingzhe | Chen Chun | Wu Yuanyuan | Zhang Shuai | Cui Jun | Shen Pingping
Advance in the Detection of Circulating Tumour Cells in Patients with Lung Cancer

Author(s): Yinjun DONG | Pingping SONG | Baijiang ZHANG | Weidi ZHANG
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