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Knowledge Discovery in Variant Databases Using Inductive Logic Programming

Author(s): Hoan Nguyen | Tien-Dao Luu | Olivier Poch | Julie D. Thompson
Lessons from genome-wide studies: an integrated definition of the coactivator function of histone acetyl transferases

Author(s): Anamika Krishanpal | Krebs Arnaud R | Thompson Julie | Poch Olivier | Devys Didier | Tora Làszlò
The Chordate Proteome History Database

Author(s): Anthony Levasseur | Julien Paganini | Jacques Dainat | Julie D. Thompson | Olivier Poch | Pierre Pontarotti | Philippe Gouret
A new projection method for biological semantic map generation

Author(s): Hoan N. Nguyen | Nicolas Wicker | David Kieffer | Olivier Poch
EvoluCode: Evolutionary Barcodes as a Unifying Framework for Multilevel Evolutionary Data

Author(s): Benjamin Linard | Ngoc Hoan Nguyen | Francisco Prosdocimi | Olivier Poch | Julie D. Thompson
Comparison of eukaryotic phylogenetic profiling approaches using species tree aware methods

Author(s): Ruano-Rubio Valentín | Poch Olivier | Thompson Julie
RETINOBASE: a web database, data mining and analysis platform for gene expression data on retina

Author(s): Kalathur Ravi | Gagniere Nicolas | Berthommier Guillaume | Poidevin Laetitia | Raffelsberger Wolfgang | Ripp Raymond | Léveillard Thierry | Poch Olivier
A new protein linear motif benchmark for multiple sequence alignment software

Author(s): Perrodou Emmanuel | Chica Claudia | Poch Olivier | Gibson Toby | Thompson Julie
Strategies for Reliable Exploitation of Evolutionary Concepts in High Throughput Biology

Author(s): Anthony Levasseur | Pierre Pontarotti | Olivier Poch | Julie D. Thompson
Detecting the molecular scars of evolution in the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex by analyzing interrupted coding sequences

Author(s): Deshayes Caroline | Perrodou Emmanuel | Euphrasie Daniel | Frapy Eric | Poch Olivier | Bifani Pablo | Lecompte Odile | Reyrat Jean-Marc
Analysis of the retinal gene expression profile after hypoxic preconditioning identifies candidate genes for neuroprotection

Author(s): Thiersch Markus | Raffelsberger Wolfgang | Frigg Rico | Samardzija Marijana | Wenzel Andreas | Poch Olivier | Grimm Christian
Design and evaluation of Actichip, a thematic microarray for the study of the actin cytoskeleton

Author(s): Muller Jean | Mehlen André | Vetter Guillaume | Yatskou Mikalai | Muller Arnaud | Chalmel Frédéric | Poch Olivier | Friederich Evelyne | Vallar Laurent
Rod-derived Cone Viability Factor-2 is a novel bifunctional-thioredoxin-like protein with therapeutic potential

Author(s): Chalmel Frédéric | Léveillard Thierry | Jaillard Céline | Lardenois Aurélie | Berdugo Naomi | Morel Emmanuelle | Koehl Patrice | Lambrou George | Holmgren Arne | Sahel José | Poch Olivier
A new look towards BAC-based array CGH through a comprehensive comparison with oligo-based array CGH

Author(s): Wicker Nicolas | Carles Annaïck | Mills Ian | Wolf Maija | Veerakumarasivam Abhi | Edgren Henrik | Boileau Fabrice | Wasylyk Bohdan | Schalken Jack | Neal David | Kallioniemi Olli | Poch Olivier
MACSIMS : multiple alignment of complete sequences information management system

Author(s): Thompson Julie | Muller Arnaud | Waterhouse Andrew | Procter Jim | Barton Geoffrey | Plewniak Frédéric | Poch Olivier

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