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Proteinuria and its relation to diverse biomarkers and body mass index in chronic hemodialysis

Author(s): Trimarchi H | Muryan A | Raña MS | Paggi P | Lombi F | Forrester M | Pomeranz V | Karl A | Alonso M | Young P | Dicugno M
Is There a Role for Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Inhibition in Renal Failure due to Mesangioproliferative Nephrotic Syndrome?

Author(s): Hernán Trimarchi | Mariano Forrester | Fernando Lombi | Vanesa Pomeranz | Romina Iriarte | María Soledad Raña | Pablo Young
Proteinuria: an ignored marker of inflammation and cardiovascular disease in chronic hemodialysis

Author(s): Trimarchi H | Muryan A | Dicugno M | Young P | Forrester M | Lombi F | Pomeranz V | Iriarte R | Raña MS | Alonso M
The cyclin D1 proto-oncogene is sequestered in the cytoplasm of mammalian cancer cell lines

Author(s): Alao John | Gamble Simon | Stavropoulou Alexandra | Pomeranz Karen | Lam Eric | Coombes R Charles | Vigushin David

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