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Resource Management in Distributed System

Author(s): Shalini Kapoor | Poonam Kashyap
Assessment of immune response to repeat stimulation with BCG vaccine using in vitro PBMC model

Author(s): Kashyap Rajpal | Husain Aliabbas | Morey Shweta | Panchbhai Milind | Deshpande Poonam | Purohit Hemant | Taori Girdhar | Daginawala Hatim
Evaluation of nested PCR along with other laboratory techniques for the diagnosis of Pleural tuberculosis

Author(s): Khushboo J Nagdev | Poonam S Deshpande | Rajpal S Kashyap | Hemant J Purohit | Girdhar M Taori | H F Daginawala
Nocardial mycetoma: Diverse clinical presentations

Author(s): Sharma Nand | Mahajan Vikram | Agarwal Santwana | Katoch Vishwa | Das Ram | Kashyap Meera | Gupta Poonam | Verma Ghanshyam
Evaluation of the IS6110 PCR assay for the rapid diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis

Author(s): Deshpande Poonam | Kashyap Rajpal | Ramteke Sonali | Nagdev Khushboo | Purohit Hemant | Taori Girdhar | Daginawala Hatim

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