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Migration background and juvenile mental health: a descriptive retrospective analysis of diagnostic rates of psychiatric disorders in young people

Author(s): Tilman Jakob Gaber | Samira Bouyrakhen | Beate Herpertz-Dahlmann | Ulrich Hagenah | Martin Holtmann | Christine Margarete Freitag | Lars Wöckel | Fritz Poustka | Florian Daniel Zepf
Polymorphisms in leucine-rich repeat genes are associated with autism spectrum disorder susceptibility in populations of European ancestry

Author(s): Sousa Inês | Clark Taane G | Holt Richard | Pagnamenta Alistair T | Mulder Erik J | Minderaa Ruud B | Bailey Anthony J | Battaglia Agatino | Klauck Sabine M | Poustka Fritz | Monaco Anthony P
Cognitive behavioral therapy of socially phobic children focusing on cognition: a randomised wait-list control study

Author(s): Melfsen Siebke | Kühnemund Martina | Schwieger Judith | Warnke Andreas | Stadler Christina | Poustka Fritz | Stangier Ulrich
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