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Different PAPR Reduction Techniques for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexed Signals

Author(s): Mohit Kumar Singh | Sanjeev Sharma | Prabhash Singh | Amit Gupta | Sumit Kumar Singh
Induction Chemotherapy in Locally Advanced Pharyngolaryngeal Cancers with Stridor: Is It Feasible and Safe?

Author(s): Vijay Maruti Patil | Vanita Noronha | Amit Joshi | Vamshi Muddu | Bhavesh Poladia | Bharat Chauhan | Kumar Prabhash | Devendra Arvind Chaukar | Pankaj Chatturvedi | Gouri Pantvaidya | Shashikant Juvekar | Anil D'cruz
Optimising management of cancer related anemia

Author(s): Prabhash K | Nag S | Patil S | Parikh P
Hodgkin’s Disease : Risk Stratification and Multidisciplinary Treatment

Author(s): Ashok K. Vaid, Rajeev Gupta, Vineet Talwar, Dinesh C. Doval, Sachin Gupta, Prabhash Kumar
Lymphoma masquerading as acute leukemia-mystery unfolded

Author(s): Jain P | Prabhash K | Menon H | Gupta S | Parikh P
Feasibility of intraperitoneal chemotherapy in advanced epithelial ovarian cancer

Author(s): Maheshwari A | Gupta S | Prabhash K | Tongaonkar H
Blood stream infections in cancer patients: A single center experience of isolates and sensitivity pattern

Author(s): Prabhash K | Medhekar A | Ghadyalpatil N | Noronha V | Biswas S | Kurkure P | Nair R | Kelkar R
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy or chemoradiotherapy in head and neck cancer

Author(s): Jain Preetesh | Kumar Prabhash | Pai Vasanth | Parikh Purvish
Adult T cell leukemia: A typical case from India

Author(s): Jain P | Gupta S | Prabhash K | Patkar N | Parikh P
Umbilical metastasis: An unusual presentation of pancreatic adenocarcinoma

Author(s): Pranjali K | Prabhash K | Karanth V | Kane S | Nair R | Parikh P
Imatinib-induced nail hyperpigmentation in chronic myeloid leukemia

Author(s): Prabhash K | Biswas Ghanshyam | Prasad N | Karant Narayan | Sastry PSRK | Parikh P
Cutaneous metastasis from urologic tumors

Author(s): Kumar Prabhash | Prasad N | Biswas G | Parikh P
Lichenoid eruption due to imatinib

Author(s): Prabhash K | Doval D
Gastric carcinoma presenting as cutaneous metastases

Author(s): Prabhash Kumar | Talwar Vineet | Vaid A | Doval D
Hydroxyurea induced non-healing leg ulcer

Author(s): Prabhash K | Bapsy P
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