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Improving mental regeneration after physical exercise

Author(s): Jäger Ralf | Purpura Martin | Geiss Kurt-Reiner | Barthel Thorsten | Schnittker Reinhard | Weiß Michael
The effect of Russian Tarragon (artemisia dracunculus L.) on the plasma creatine concentration with creatine monohydrate administration

Author(s): Jäger Ralf | Kendrick Iain | Purpura Martin | Harris Roger | Ribnicky David | Pischel Ivo
The effects of phosphatidylserine on endocrine response to moderate intensity exercise

Author(s): Starks Michael | Starks Stacy | Kingsley Michael | Purpura Martin | Jäger Ralf
The effects of creatine pyruvate and creatine citrate on performance during high intensity exercise

Author(s): Jäger Ralf | Metzger Jan | Lautmann Karin | Shushakov Vladimir | Purpura Martin | Geiss Kurt-Reiner | Maassen Norbert
The effect of phosphatidylserine on golf performance

Author(s): Jäger Ralf | Purpura Martin | Geiss Kurt-Reiner | Weiß Michael | Baumeister Jochen | Amatulli Francesco | Schröder Lars | Herwegen Holger
Comparison of new forms of creatine in raising plasma creatine levels

Author(s): Jäger Ralf | Harris Roger | Purpura Martin | Francaux Marc
Phospholipids and sports performance

Author(s): Jäger Ralf | Purpura Martin | Kingsley Michael
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