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Giving Alternatives for Improvement of Qualitative Features of Mehran River in Tabriz for Reuse

Author(s): R Dehghanzadeh | H Aslani | A.F Shams | B Ghoraishi
Effect of Irrigation Regimes on Grain Growth Indices of Three Winter Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Cultivars Under the Iranian Conditions

Author(s): H. Dehghanzadeh jazy | M.R. Khajeh poor | H.H. Sharif Abad | A. Soleimani | H. Samieinia | M. Shayan
Evaluation of Genetic Variability and Distances among Five Iranian Native Chicken Populations using RAPD Markers

Author(s): H. Dehghanzadeh | S.Z. Mirhoseini | M.N. Romanov | A. Ghorbani
Growth Indices of Winter Wheat as Affected by Irrigation Regimes Under Iran Conditions

Author(s): Hamid Dehghanzadeh Jazy | Mohammad Reza Khajeh Poor | Hossain Heidari Sharif Abad | Ali Soleimani
Removal of styrene from waste gas stream using a biofilter

Author(s): B Bina | R Dehghanzadeh | H Pourmoghadas | A Kalantary | A Torkian

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