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Spectroscopic Detection of Caries Lesions

Author(s): Mika Ruohonen | Katri Palo | Jarmo Alander
Integrated Self-Assembly of the Mms6 Magnetosome Protein to Form an Iron-Responsive Structure

Author(s): Shuren Feng | Lijun Wang | Pierre Palo | Xunpei Liu | Surya K. Mallapragada | Marit Nilsen-Hamilton
Factors affecting the STR amplification success in poorly preserved bone samples

Author(s): Putkonen Mikko T | Palo Jukka U | Cano Jose M | Hedman Minttu | Sajantila Antti
Low-level jet characteristics over the Arctic Ocean in spring and summer

Author(s): L. Jakobson | T. Vihma | E. Jakobson | T. Palo | A. Männik | J. Jaagus
O uso da acupuntura em odontologia

Author(s): Marina Cleia Palo Prado
Den mätbara litteraturläsaren

Author(s): Stefan Lundström | Lena Manderstedt | Annbritt Palo
Microbiological quality of raw donkey milk from Campania Region

Author(s): Eleonora Sarno | Adriano M.L. Santoro | Rossella Di Palo | Nicola Costanzo
How Dialysis Patients Live: A Study on Their Depression and Associated Factors in Southern Italy

Author(s): Maria Sinatra | Antonietta Curci | Valeria de Palo | Lucia Monacis | Giancarlo Tanucci
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid and S-Adenosylmethionine Supplementation in Predementia Syndromes and Alzheimer's Disease: A Review

Author(s): Francesco Panza | Vincenza Frisardi | Cristiano Capurso | Alessia D'Introno | Anna M. Colacicco | Alessandra Di Palo | Bruno P. Imbimbo | Gianluigi Vendemiale | Antonio Capurso | Vincenzo Solfrizzi
Characteristics of Temperature and Humidity Inversions and Low-Level Jets over Svalbard Fjords in Spring

Author(s): Timo Vihma | Tiina Kilpeläinen | Miina Manninen | Anna Sjöblom | Erko Jakobson | Timo Palo | Jaak Jaagus | Marion Maturilli
Preliminary results on Mediterranean Italian Buffalo morfometry

Author(s): G. Campanile | R. Di Palo | C. De Rosa | V. Peretti | L. Amante | F. Ciotola | A. Coletta
The parthenogenetic development of buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) oocytes after chemical stimulation

Author(s): B. Gasparrini | V. Caracciolo di Brienza | L. Boccia | R. Di Palo | G. Neglia
Long-Term Effect of Mediterranean-Style Diet and Calorie Restriction on Biomarkers of Longevity and Oxidative Stress in Overweight Men

Author(s): Katherine Esposito | Carmen Di Palo | Maria Ida Maiorino | Michela Petrizzo | Giuseppe Bellastella | Isabella Siniscalchi | Dario Giugliano
Genetic parameters for milk yield analyzed by test-day models in Murrah buffaloes in Brazil

Author(s): Rusbel R. Aspilcueta-Borquis | Annaiza B. Bignardi | Leonardo de O. Seno | Gregório M.F. de Camargo | Milthon H. Muñoz-Berrocal | Lucia G. de Albuquerque | Rossella Di Palo | Humberto Tonhati
Dietary influence on primiparous and pluriparous buffalo fertility

Author(s): D. Vecchio | G. Neglia | M. Rendina | M. Marchiello | A. Balestrieri | R. Di Palo
Ca and P in buffalo milk: curd yield and milk clotting parameters

Author(s): B. Ariota | G. Campanile | A. Potena | R. Napolano | B. Gasparrini | G. L. Neglia | R. Di Palo
Influence of seasonality on the comfort supplied by different materials used as cubicle flooring for dairy cows

Author(s): P. De Palo | A. Tateo | F. Zezza | B. Padalino | P. Centoducati
Evaluation of the variation of intrapulpal temperature after the use of bleaching agents and activation by light sources

Author(s): Alessandra Sverberi CARVALHO | Lilian Eiko MAEKAWA | Renato Miotto PALO | Lafayette NOGUEIRA JUNIOR | Carlos Augusto PAVANELLI
Milk flow traits in Mediterranean Italian Buffaloes

Author(s): R. Di Palo | G. Campanile | B. Ariota | D. Vecchio | C. Grassi | D. Neri | E. Varricchio | M. Rendina

Author(s): L. Zicarelli | B. Ariota | B. Gasparrini | G. Neglia | R. Di Palo
Relationship between lactodinamographic and characteristics of buffalo milk

Author(s): A. Potena | R. Napolano | G. Galiero | A. Coletta | R. Di Palo | G. Neglia | L. Zicarelli
Relationships between buffalo milk components and curd characteristics

Author(s): R. Napolano | A. Potena | G. Fusco | C. Caso | G. Campanile | R. Di Palo | F. Zicarelli
Relationship among the cheese yield, the characteristics of the curd and those of buffalo milk

Author(s): R. Di Palo | R. Napolano | A. Potena | G. Galiero | G. Fusco | B. Gasparrini | F. Zicarelli
Estimation of buffalo cheese yield by using the chemical-physical parameters of the milk

Author(s): L. Zicarelli | A. Potena | M. Di Rubbio | A. Coletta | C. Caso | B. Gasparrini | R. Di Palo
Milk and curd characteristics depending on farm and production level

Author(s): A. Potena | L. Zicarelli | R. Napolano | G. Iovane | G. Campanile | B. Gasparrini | R. Di Palo
Correction of the ratio between real cheese yield at 28 hours and protein according to chemical composition of buffalo milk

Author(s): L. Zicarelli | G. Neglia | R. Napolano | M. Di Rubbio | C. Caso | B. Gasparrini | R. Di Palo
Brucella DNA is not detected in in-vitro produced embryos derived from ovaries of naturally infected Brucella DNA is not detected in in-vitro produced embryos derived from ovaries of naturally infected buffaloes

Author(s): G. Neglia | L. Zicarelli | R. Di Palo | E. Picillo | L. Attanasio | L. Boccia | B. Gasparrini | A. De Rosa | T. Pepe | A.E. Gravino | G. Iovane | C. Buonavoglia | L. Manna
Reproductive disorders induced by Chlamydophila spp. infections in an italian mediterranean buffalo (bubalus bubalis) herd

Author(s): G. Greco | M. D’Abramo | G. Campanile | R. Di Palo | M. Corrente | D. Buonavoglia
Administration of a luteolytic dose of PGF2α at the time of AI

Author(s): R. Di Palo | B. Gasparrini | G. Zicarelli | G. Campanile | G. Neglia
Estimation of the intercalving period in Italian Mediterranean buffalo

Author(s): L. Zicarelli | R. Di Palo | G. Neglia | B. Ariota | E. Varricchio | G. Campanile
Preliminary results on the composition of oviductal fluid in buffalo

Author(s): D. Vecchio | B. Gasparrini | R. Di Palo | L. Iemma | M.L. Balestrieri | J.G. Killian | L. Zicarelli | G. Campanile
Evaluation of buffalo semen by Trypan blue/Giemsa staining and related fertility in vitro

Author(s): L. Boccia | R. Di Palo | A. De Rosa | L. Attanasio | E. Mariotti | B. Gasparrini
Influence of temperature and time during ovary transportation on in vitro embryo production efficiency in the buffalo species (Bubalus bubalis)

Author(s): S. Di Francesco | L. Boccia | R. Di Palo | G. Esposito | L. Attanasio | A. De Rosa | B. Gasparrini
Ovary response and embryonic mortality in buffaloes treated with GnRH or hCG

Author(s): G. Campanile | D. Vecchio | M. Rendina | C. Grassi | A. Balestrieri | R. Di Palo | L. Zicarelli
Embryonic mortality in buffalo naturally mated

Author(s): D. Vecchio | R. Di Palo | L. Zicarelli | C. Grassi | A. Cammarano | M.J. D’Occhio | G. Campanile
Strategies to reduce embryonic mortality in buffalo cows

Author(s): G. Campanile | D. Vecchio | L. Zicarelli | G. Neglia | R. Di Palo | A. Balestrieri | M.J. D’Occhio
Mediterranean river buffalo oxytocin-neurophysin I (OXT) gene: structure, promoter analysis and allele detection

Author(s): G. Cosenza | A. Pauciullo | A. Mancusi | D. Nicodemo | R. Di Palo | L. Zicarelli | D. Di Berardino | L. Ramunno
Quality of carcasses in I.H.D.H. foals reared in the province of Bari (Italy)

Author(s): A. Tateo | P. De Palo | B. Padalino | P. Centoducati
Plasma leptin levels in Murrah buffalo heifers fed diet with two different energy levels

Author(s): R. Di Palo | G. Campanile | A. Prandi | P.S. Baruselli | D. Vecchio | N.A.T. Carvalho | L. Zicarelli
Influence of Body Condition Score, blood ammonia and serum urea levels on conception rate in Italian Mediterranean buffaloes

Author(s): G. Campanile | G. Neglia | C. Grassi | B. Gasparrini | R. Di Palo | G. Zicarelli
Artificially suckled I.H.D.H. (Italian Heavy Draught Horse) foals: in vivo performances and ethograms

Author(s): Alessandra Tateo | Pasquale De Palo | Barbara Padalino | Pasquale Centoducati
Incidence of pregnancy failures in buffaloes with different rearing system

Author(s): Rossella Di Palo | Barbara Ariota | Fabio Zicarelli | Marina De Blasi | Gaspare Zicarelli | Bianca Gasparrini
Milk protein and cheese yield in buffalo species

Author(s): Barbara Ariota | Lara Milone | Carlo Grassi | Fabio Zicarelli | Roberto Napolano | Alfonso Giovane | Rossella Di Palo
Monthly mean climatology of the prevailing winds and tides in the Arctic mesosphere/lower thermosphere

Author(s): Y. I. Portnyagin | T. V. Solovjova | N. A. Makarov | E. G. Merzlyakov | A. H. Manson | C. E. Meek | W. Hocking | N. Mitchell | D. Pancheva | P. Hoffmann | W. Singer | Y. Murayama | K. Igarashi | J. M. Forbes | S. Palo | C. Hall | S. Nozawa
Climatological lower thermosphere winds as seen by ground-based and space-based instruments

Author(s): J. M. Forbes | Yu. I. Portnyagin | W. Skinner | R. A. Vincent | T. Solovjova | E. Merzlyakov | T. Nakamura | S. Palo
High- and mid-latitude quasi-2-day waves observed simultaneouslyby four meteor radars during summer 2000

Author(s): E. Merzlyakov | D. Pancheva | N. Mitchell | J. M. Forbes | Yu. I. Portnyagin | S. Palo | N. Makarov | H. G. Muller
Intradiurnal wind variations observed in the lower thermosphere over the South Pole

Author(s): Y. I. Portnyagin | J. M. Forbes | E. G. Merzlyakov | N. A. Makarov | S. E. Palo
Transient eastward-propagating long-period waves observed over the South Pole

Author(s): S. E. Palo | Y. I. Portnyagin | J. M. Forbes | N. A. Makarov | E. G. Merzlyakov
The summertime 12-h wind oscillation with zonal wavenumber s = 1 in the lower thermosphere over the South Pole

Author(s): Y. I. Portnyagin | J. M. Forbes | N. A. Makarov | E. G. Merzlyakov | S. Palo
An intercomparison between the GSWM, UARS, and ground based radar observations: a case-study in January 1993

Author(s): S. E. Palo | M. E. Hagan | C. E. Meek | R. A. Vincent | M. D. Burrage | C. McLandress | S. J. Franke | W. E. Ward | R. R. Clark | P. Hoffmann | R. Johnson | D. Kürschner | A. H. Manson | D. Murphy | T. Nakamura | Y. I. Portnyagin | J. E. Salah | R. Schminder | W. Singer | T. Tsuda | T. S. Virdi | Q. Zhou
Characterization of a Novel Polymorphism in PPARG Regulatory Region Associated with Type 2 Diabetes and Diabetic Retinopathy in Italy

Author(s): Valerio Costa | Amelia Casamassimi | Katherine Esposito | Angela Villani | Mariaelena Capone | Rosa Iannella | Bruno Schisano | Miryam Ciotola | Carmen Di Palo | Feliciantonia Capone Corrado | Franco Santangelo | Dario Giugliano | Alfredo Ciccodicola

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