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Author(s): Marcos A. Espinal | Richard Zaleski | Pedro Guillermo Suárez | Tim Cullinan | Thelma Tupasi | Yong Kim Jim | Carole D. Mitnick | Jaime Bayona | Ross Blank | Edward A. Nardell | Joia S. Mukherjee | Michael Rich | Paul Farmer | Mercedes C. Becerra | Megan Murray | Hans L. Rieder | Catharina S.B. Lambregts-van Weezenbeek
NASA Goddard’s LiDAR, Hyperspectral and Thermal (G-LiHT) Airborne Imager

Author(s): Bruce D. Cook | Lawrence A. Corp | Ross F. Nelson | Elizabeth M. Middleton | Douglas C. Morton | Joel T. McCorkel | Jeffrey G. Masek | Kenneth J. Ranson | Vuong Ly | Paul M. Montesano
Climate Change and Intertidal Wetlands

Author(s): Pauline M. Ross | Paul Adam
Dry cow therapy with a non-antibiotic intramammary teat seal - a review

Author(s): Crispie Fiona | Flynn James | Ross R Paul | Hill Colin | Meaney William J
Bacteriophage-Derived Peptidase Eliminates and Prevents Staphylococcal Biofilms

Author(s): Mark Fenton | Ruth Keary | Olivia McAuliffe | R. Paul Ross | Jim O'Mahony | Aidan Coffey
Cytomegalovirus (CMV)-Specific Perforin and Granzyme B ELISPOT Assays Detect Reactivation of CMV Infection in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Author(s): Tobias M. Nowacki | Dominik Bettenworth | Matthias Ross | Jan Heidemann | Paul V. Lehmann | Andreas Lügering
Overview of technology developments in probiotic field

Author(s): Catherine Stanton | Gerald F. Fitzgerald | R. Paul Ross
The Safety of EXPAREL ® (Bupivacaine Liposome Injectable Suspension) Administered by Peripheral Nerve Block in Rabbits and Dogs

Author(s): Brigitte M. Richard | Paul Newton | Laura R. Ott | Dean Haan | Abram N. Brubaker | Phaedra I. Cole | Paul E. Ross | Marlon C. Rebelatto | Keith G. Nelson
The Lantibiotic Lacticin 3147 Prevents Systemic Spread of Staphylococcus aureus in a Murine Infection Model

Author(s): Clare Piper | Pat G. Casey | Colin Hill | Paul D. Cotter | R. Paul Ross
Refurbishment works in a hospital during normal operation

Author(s): Ross, Birgit | Hansen, Dorothea | Lieske, Tim | Krude, Joschka | Saner, Fuat | Marggraf, Günter | Paul, Andreas | Jakob, Heinz G. | Popp, Walter
Safety Evaluation of EXPAREL (DepoFoam Bupivacaine) Administered by Repeated Subcutaneous Injection in Rabbits and Dogs: Species Comparison

Author(s): Brigitte M. Richard | Douglas E. Rickert | Paul E. Newton | Laura R. Ott | Dean Haan | Abram N. Brubaker | Phaedra I. Cole | Paul E. Ross | Marlon C. Rebelatto | Keith G. Nelson
Genome sequences and comparative genomics of two Lactobacillus ruminis strains from the bovine and human intestinal tracts

Author(s): Forde Brian | Neville B | O’ Donnell Michelle | Riboulet-Bisson E | Claesson M | Coghlan Avril | Ross R | O’ Toole Paul
Enhancing the stress responses of probiotics for a lifestyle from gut to product and back again

Author(s): Mills Susan | Stanton Catherine | Fitzgerald Gerald | Ross R Paul
Inhibitory activity of Lactobacillus plantarum LMG P-26358 against Listeria innocua when used as an adjunct starter in the manufacture of cheese

Author(s): Mills Susan | Serrano L Mariela | Griffin Carmel | O'Connor Paula | Schaad Gwenda | Bruining Chris | Hill Colin | Ross R Paul | Meijer Wilco
Bioactive Peptides from Muscle Sources: Meat and Fish

Author(s): Joseph Thomas Ryan | Reynolds Paul Ross | Declan Bolton | Gerald F. Fitzgerald | Catherine Stanton
Further developments towards a genome-scale metabolic model of yeast

Author(s): Dobson Paul | Smallbone Kieran | Jameson Daniel | Simeonidis Evangelos | Lanthaler Karin | Pir Pınar | Lu Chuan | Swainston Neil | Dunn Warwick | Fisher Paul | Hull Duncan | Brown Marie | Oshota Olusegun | Stanford Natalie | Kell Douglas | King Ross | Oliver Stephen | Stevens Robert | Mendes Pedro
Parenteral Antibiotics Reduce Bifidobacteria Colonization and Diversity in Neonates

Author(s): Séamus Hussey | Rebecca Wall | Emma Gruffman | Lisa O'Sullivan | C. Anthony Ryan | Brendan Murphy | Gerald Fitzgerald | Catherine Stanton | R. Paul Ross
Molecular Phylogeny of Edge Hill Virus Supports its Position in the Yellow Fever Virus Group and Identifies a New Genetic Variant

Author(s): Joanne Macdonald | Michael Poidinger | John S. Mackenzie | Richard C. Russell | Stephen Doggett | Annette K. Broom | Debra Phillips | Joseph Potamski | Geoff Gard | Peter Whelan | Richard Weir | Paul R. Young | Debra Gendle | Sheryl Maher | Ross T. Barnard | Roy A. Hall
Differences in transcription between free-living and CO2-activated third-stage larvae of Haemonchus contortus

Author(s): Cantacessi Cinzia | Campbell Bronwyn | Young Neil | Jex Aaron | Hall Ross | Presidente Paul | Zawadzki Jodi | Zhong Weiwei | Aleman-Meza Boanerges | Loukas Alex | Sternberg Paul | Gasser Robin
The social context of smoking: A qualitative study comparing smokers of high versus low socioeconomic position

Author(s): Paul Christine | Ross Samantha | Bryant Jamie | Hill Wesley | Bonevski Billie | Keevy Nichola
Autologous tumor-derived heat-shock protein peptide complex-96 (HSPPC-96) in patients with metastatic melanoma

Author(s): Eton Omar | Ross Merrick | East Mary | Mansfield Paul | Papadopoulos Nicholas | Ellerhorst Julie | Bedikian Agop | Lee Jeffrey
Barriers to Healthcare in a Multiethnic Cohort of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) Patients: Patient and Physician Perceptions

Author(s): Genevieve Law | Janet Pope | Sheliza Lalani | Earl Silverman | Glinda Cooper | Paul Fortin | Michel Zummer | C. Douglas Smith | Ross Petty | Lori Tucker | Lori Albert | Adam Huber | Susanne Ramsey | Hector Arbillaga | Gaëlle Chedéville | Marie Hudson | Christine Peschken
A gene-rich linkage map in the dioecious species Actinidia chinensis (kiwifruit) reveals putative X/Y sex-determining chromosomes

Author(s): Fraser Lena | Tsang Gianna | Datson Paul | De Silva H Nihal | Harvey Catherine | Gill Geoffrey | Crowhurst Ross | McNeilage Mark
Comparative genomics of lactic acid bacteria reveals a niche-specific gene set

Author(s): O'Sullivan Orla | O'Callaghan John | Sangrador-Vegas Amaia | McAuliffe Olivia | Slattery Lydia | Kaleta Pawel | Callanan Michael | Fitzgerald Gerald | Ross R Paul | Beresford Tom
Negative exploration for pyloric stenosis – Is it preventable?

Author(s): Mullassery Dhanya | Mallappa Sreelakshmi | Shariff Raheel | Craigie Ross | Losty Paul | Kenny Simon | Pilling David | Baillie Colin
Fibrin sealant does not decrease seroma output or time to drain removal following inguino-femoral lymph node dissection in melanoma patients: A randomized controlled trial (NCT00506311)

Author(s): Mortenson Melinda | Xing Yan | Weaver Storm | Lee Jeffrey | Gershenwald Jeffrey | Lucci Anthony | Mansfield Paul | Ross Merrick | Cormier Janice
Identification of immune genes and proteins involved in the response of bovine mammary tissue to Staphylococcus aureus infection

Author(s): Lutzow Ylva | Donaldson Laurelea | Gray Christian | Vuocolo Tony | Pearson Roger | Reverter Antonio | Byrne Keren | Sheehy Paul | Windon Ross | Tellam Ross
Universal primers that amplify RNA from all three flavivirus subgroups

Author(s): Maher-Sturgess Sheryl | Forrester Naomi | Wayper Paul | Gould Ernest | Hall Roy | Barnard Ross | Gibbs Mark
Relatedness between the two-component lantibiotics lacticin 3147 and staphylococcin C55 based on structure, genetics and biological activity

Author(s): O'Connor Eileen | Cotter Paul | O'Connor Paula | O'Sullivan Orla | Tagg John | Ross R Paul | Hill Colin
GPX-Macrophage Expression Atlas: A database for expression profiles of macrophages challenged with a variety of pro-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, benign and pathogen insults

Author(s): Grimes Graeme | Moodie Stuart | Beattie John | Craigon Marie | Dickinson Paul | Forster Thorsten | Livingston Andrew | Mewissen Muriel | Robertson Kevin | Ross Alan | Sing Garwin | Ghazal Peter
Traumatic deep vein thrombosis in a soccer player: A case study

Author(s): Echlin Paul | Upshur Ross | McKeag Douglas | Jayatilake Harsha

Author(s): Espinal Marcos A. | Zaleski Richard | Suárez Pedro Guillermo | Cullinan Tim | Tupasi Thelma | Jim Yong Kim | Mitnick Carole D. | Bayona Jaime | Blank Ross | Nardell Edward A. | Mukherjee Joia S. | Rich Michael | Farmer Paul | Becerra Mercedes C. | Murray Megan | Rieder Hans L. | Weezenbeek Catharina S.B. Lambregts-van
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