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Ectopic spleen in the pancreas of New Zealand White rabbits

Author(s): Arabinda Adak | M. C. Prasad | P. S. Lonkar | U. M. Kapurkar | M. G. Brahmankar | M. V. Patel
Green approach for the synthesis of some new α, β-unsaturated ketimines under water suspension

Author(s): Subash M. Lonkar | Shyam S. Mokle | Archana Y. Vibhute | Yeshwant B. Vibhute
Performance Evaluation and Synthesis of Vedic Multiplier

Author(s): Umesh Akare | T. V. More | R. S. Lonkar
Mining intensive care vitals for leading indicators of adverse health events

Author(s): Rajas Lonkar | Artur Dubrawski | Madalina Fiterau | Roman Garnett
Influence of Herbal Early Chick Nutritional Supplement on the Growth Performance, Serum Biochemicals and Immune Response of Broiler Chicken

Author(s): A.S. Kadam | M.G. Nikam | V.R. Patodkar | D.M. Muglikar | V.D. Lonkar | G.B. Yadav | S. Maini | K. Ravikanth | M.D. Meshram
Nasal mucoadhesive in situ gel of ondansetron hydrochloride

Author(s): Bhalerao A | Lonkar S | Deshkar S | Shirolkar S | Deshpande A

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