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Problems and prospects of intermediary metabolism correction in patients with vascular comorbidity

Author(s): S.A. Rumyantseva | R.G. Oganov | V.A. Stupin | E.V. Silina | A.S. Orlova | S.B. Bolevich | V.V. Afanasev | E.N. Kabaeva | S.A. Volik
Immuno-inflamatory responses in acute coronary syndrome

Author(s): R.G. Oganov | N.E. Zakirova | A.N. Zakirova | G.M. Salakhova | M.R. Plotnikova
Endothelial dysfunction in ischemic heart disease

Author(s): N.E. Zakirova | R.G. Oganov | A.N. Zakirova | M.P. Plotnikova | G.M. Salakhova
Myocardial remodeling in ischemic heart disease

Author(s): A.N. Zakirova | R.G. Oganov | N.E. Zakirova | G.R. Klochkova | F.S. Musina
Socio-economic damage by acute coronary syndrome in Russian Federation

Author(s): A.V. Kontsevaya | A.M. Kalinina | I.E. Koltunov | R.G. Oganov
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