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Biochemical and ultrastructural changes in the liver of European perch (Perca fluviatilis L.) in response to cyanobacterial bloom in the Gruža reservoir

Author(s): Perendija Branka R. | Despotović Svetlana G. | Radovanović Tijana B. | Gavrić Jelena P. | Mitić Borković Slavica S. | Pavlović S.Z. | Ognjanović Branka I. | Simić Snežana B. | Pajović Snežana B. | Saičić Zorica S.
Activity of oxidative stress biomarkers in the white muscle of red mullet (Mullus barbatus L.) from the Adriatic sea

Author(s): Pavlović S.Z. | Borković-Mitić Slavica S. | Radovanović Tijana B. | Perendija Branka R. | Despotović Svetlana G. | Gavrić Jelena P. | Saičić Zorica S.
Superoxide dismutase and catalase activities in the liver and muscle of barbel (Barbus barbus) and its intestinal parasite (Pomphoryinchus laevis) from the Danube river, Serbia

Author(s): Radovanović Tijana B. | Borković-Mitić Slavica S. | Perendija Branka R. | Despotović Svetlana G. | Pavlović S.Z. | Cakić P.D. | Saičić Zorica S.
Seasonal Variations of the Activity of Antioxidant Defense Enzymes in the Red Mullet (Mullus barbatus l.) from the Adriatic Sea

Author(s): Sladjan Z. Pavlović | Slavica S. Borković Mitić | Tijana B. Radovanović | Branka R. Perendija | Svetlana G. Despotović | Jelena P. Gavrić | Zorica S. Saičić

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