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Novel Model for Renal Failure and Anaemia Induced by 5/6 Nephrectomy in Wistar Rat

Author(s): Shilpesh Devada*, Maulik Patel, Vinay Mishra, Ramchandra Ranvir, Rajesh Sundar and Mukul Jain
Evaluation of Cardioprotective Effect of 3,5,3′-Tri-iodo-L-thyronine in Isoproterenol-Induced Cardiotoxicity

Author(s): Vinay Mishra | Priya Ghumatkar | Maulik V. Patel | Shilpesh Devada | Ramchandra Ranvir | Prabodha Swain | Rajesh Sundar | Rajesh Bahekar | Mukul R. Jain
Synthesis and crystal structures of 5'-phenylspiro[indoline-3, 2'-pyrrolidin]-2-one derivatives

Author(s): Sundar Jeyaperumal | Rajesh Stephen | Sivamani Jeyaraman | Perumal Subbu | Natarajan Subramanian

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