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Spectral and Electrochemical Studies of Phenazopyridine

Author(s): P. Vijaybhaskar | A. Ramachandraiah
The influence of negative mood on heart rate complexity measures and baroreflex sensitivity in healthy subjects

Author(s): Kobele Ralf | Koschke Mandy | Schulz Steffen | Wagner Gerd | Yeragani Shravya | Ramachandraiah Chaitra | Voss Andreas | Yeragani Vikram | Bar Karl-Jurgen
The story of antipsychotics: Past and present

Author(s): Ramachandraiah Chaitra | Subramaniam Narayana | Tancer Manuel
Mean and variability of QT-interval: Relevance to psychiatric illness and psychotropic medication

Author(s): Kumar Rahul | Ramachandraiah Chaitra | Chokka Pratap | Yeragani Vikram
Ocular myiasis due to oestridae

Author(s): Ratnakar K | Lakshminarayan C | Ramachandraiah U
Performance of layers on sorghum-based poultry feed rations

Author(s): A Rajasekher Reddy | V Ravinder Reddy | P Parthasarathy Rao | K Gurava Reddy | Belum VS Reddy | D Ramachandraiah | CLN Rao
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