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Dialysis and Pregnancy in End Stage Kidney Disease Associated with Lupus Nephritis

Author(s): Goutham Sivasuthan | Rumbi Dahwa | George T. John | Dwarakanathan Ranganathan

Author(s): 1. C.B.Sivaparthipan, | 2.S.Raja Ranganathan, | 3. Prabakar.D | 4. Dr. T.Kalaikumaran
Balance the Resource Consumption by using Head Selection Approach in Manets

Author(s): B. Vinodhini | S. Raja Ranganathan | Prabakar.D | Dr. M. Marikkannan
Biological data bank (BDb) - a new database:Its organization and implementation

Author(s): Reddy J | Ranganathan TV | Nachappa MN | Arjun HS | Achari N | Balakrishna S | Kannan K | Bijlani H | Prasad S | Hemachandran J

Author(s): S.Raja Ranganathan, Dr.M.Marrikkannan ,Dr.S.Karthik
Institutional Foods Development Perspectives Review

Author(s): Ranganathan Kumar | Tamilselvan Kathiravan | Ramalingam Rajamanickam | Shanmugam Nadanasabapathi
Effect of Maillard Reaction Products (MRP) on Chlorophyll Stability in Green Peas

Author(s): Ranganathan Kumar | Ramalingam Rajamanickam | Shanmugam Nadanasabapathi
Cash transfers for HIV prevention: considering their potential

Author(s): Lori Heise | Brian Lutz | Meghna Ranganathan | Charlotte Watts
Investigation and Control of Scabies in Shelter Homes of Mandya City

Author(s): Poornima Sadashivaiah, Raghini Ranganathan, Vinay M, Shreedhara Chikkade, Mahendra B J
Estimation of humoral immune response in rabbits fed with Cucurbita maxima seeds

Author(s): V. Ranganathan | S Selvasubramanian | S. Vasanthakumar

Author(s): Ranganathan Balasubramanian
Outbreak of Bacterial Haemorrhagic Septicaemia in Fresh Water Carps in Thanjavur Region of Tamil Nadu

Author(s): Basheer Ahamad. D | Punniamurthy. N | Senthil Kumar. V | Malmarugan. S | Suresh. R | Ranganathan. V | Purushothaman. V
Effect of fenbendazole on growth promotion in Mecheri lambs

Author(s): V. Ranganathan | S. Vasanthakumar | J. Muralidharan | K. Karunanithi
Probiotic Amelioration of Azotemia in 5/6th Nephrectomized Sprague-Dawley Rats

Author(s): Natarajan Ranganathan | Beena Patel | Pari Ranganathan | Joseph Marczely | Rahul Dheer | Tushar Chordia | Stephen R. Dunn | Eli A. Friedman
Nanomedicine: towards development of patient-friendly drug-delivery systems for oncological applications

Author(s): Ranganathan R | Madanmohan S | Kesavan A | Baskar G | Krishnamoorthy YR | Santosham R | Ponraju D | Rayala SK | Venkatraman G
A Hybrid Model to Quantify the Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture in Godavari Basin, India

Author(s): K. Palanisami | C. R. Ranganathan | K. R. Kakumanu | Udaya Sekhar Nagothu
Integrated fuzzy logic based intelligent control of three tank system

Author(s): Suresh Maruthai | Srinivasan Jeersamy Gunna | Hemamalini Rani Ranganathan
Calcific Uremic Arteriolopathy in Peritoneal Dialysis Populations

Author(s): Nicholas New | Janaki Mohandas | George T. John | Sharad Ratanjee | Helen Healy | Leo Francis | Dwarakanathan Ranganathan
Cognitive Radio for Smart Grid: Theory, Algorithms, and Security

Author(s): Raghuram Ranganathan | Robert Qiu | Zhen Hu | Shujie Hou | Marbin Pazos-Revilla | Gang Zheng | Zhe Chen | Nan Guo
Prognostic factors in patients with node-negative gastric cancer: an Indian experience

Author(s): Seshadri Ramakrishnan | Jayanand Sunil | Ranganathan Rama
A Three Party Authentication for Key Distributed Protocol Using Classical and Quantum Cryptography

Author(s): Suganya Ranganathan | Nagarajan Ramasamy | Senthil Karthick Kumar Arumugam | Balaji Dhanasekaran | Prabhu Ramalingam | Venkateswaran Radhakrishnan | Ramesh Kumar Karpuppiah
Regulation of Serum Response Factor and Adiponectin by PPARγ Agonist Docosahexaenoic Acid

Author(s): Clayton Johnson | Roslyn Williams | Jeanne Y. Wei | Gouri Ranganathan
Past President′s address

Author(s): Ranganathan J
Review of paraneoplastic syndromes associated with oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma

Author(s): Mathew Deepu | Rooban T | Janani V | Joshua E | Rao U | Ranganathan K
Ageing and its implications

Author(s): Jayanthi P | Joshua Elizabeth | Ranganathan K
Acute hydrothorax complicating peritoneal dialysis: a case report

Author(s): Cho Yeoungjee | D'Intini Vincent | Ranganathan Dwarkanathan
Quinoxaline: Z′ = 1 form

Author(s): Sathishkumar Ranganathan | Sudarshan Mahapatra | Tejender S. Thakur | Gautam R. Desiraju
Invited comment

Author(s): Ranganathan K
Disseminated infection with Strongyloides stercoralis in a diabetic patient

Author(s): Murali A | Rajendiran G | Ranganathan K | Shanthakumari S
InCoB2010 - 9th International Conference on Bioinformatics at Tokyo, Japan, September 26-28, 2010

Author(s): Schönbach Christian | Nakai Kenta | Tan Tin | Ranganathan Shoba
Decontamination of laryngoscope blades: Is our practice adequate?

Author(s): Telang R | Patil V | Ranganathan P | Kelkar R
Network analysis of human protein location

Author(s): Kumar Gaurav | Ranganathan Shoba
A Sequential Distinguisher for Covert Channel Identification

Author(s): K. P. Subbalakshmi | Rajarathnam Chandramouli | Nagarajan Ranganathan
Time Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey

Author(s): Prakash Ranganathan | Kendall Nygard
Antidermatophytic Activites Of Azadirachta Indica : An In Vitro And In Vivo Study

Author(s): Ranganathan S | Menon Thangam | Balajee Arun Mozhi S | Raja Mahendra S
Role Of Abo Blood Groups In The Infection Rate Of Dandruff Caused By Pityrosporum Ovale

Author(s): Shankar S Gokul | Ranjith MS | Ranganathan S | Sivaramakrishnana M | Natarajan V | Rasool Shaik Khaja
Talon cusp : an overview with case reports of 3 clinical variants.

Author(s): Nalin Kumar S | Ranganathan K | Umadevi M | Joshua E | Saraswathi T
Intra-oral hypermelanosis in an HIV sero-positive patient--a case report.

Author(s): Kumar S | Sarswathi T | Ranganathan K
Cytological study of copper in oral submucous fibrosis.

Author(s): Rooban T | Saraswathi T | George A | Joshua E | Ranganathan K
Oral intra vascular papillary endothelial hyperplasia in the floor of the mouth.

Author(s): Devi M | Nalin Kumar S | Ranganathan K | Saraswathi T
A light microscopic study of fibrosis involving muscle in oral submucous fibrosis

Author(s): Rooban T | Saraswathi T | Al Zainab Fatima | Devi Uma | Eligabeth Joshua | Ranganathan K
Protease Production In Dermatophytes During Sporulation And Vegetative Phase - Its Role In Pathogenesis And Mating Type Associated Virulence

Author(s): Ranganathan S | Rajith M S | Shankar S Gokul | Balajee S Arun Mozhi | Selvakumar B N | Aejaz Mohammad
Influence Of Chrysosporium Spp. In The Prevalence Of Dermatophytes in Soil

Author(s): Shankar Gokul S | Ranjith M S | Ranganathan S | Selvakumar B N | Mohammed Aejaz
Randomised Controlled Trial to determine the appropriate time to initiate peritoneal dialysis after insertion of catheter to minimise complications (Timely PD study)

Author(s): Ranganathan Dwarakanathan | Baer Richard | Fassett Robert | Williams Nicola | Han Thin | Watson Melanie | Healy Helen
Dandruff: The most commercially exploited skin disease

Author(s): Ranganathan S | Mukhopadhyay T
Performance evaluation of an algorithm for fast optimization of beam weights in anatomy-based intensity modulated radiotherapy

Author(s): Ranganathan Vaitheeswaran | Sathiya Narayanan V | Bhangle Janhavi | Gupta Kamlesh | Basu Sumit | Maiya Vikram | Joseph Jolly | Nirhali Amit
A comprehensive assessment of N-terminal signal peptides prediction methods

Author(s): Choo Khar | Tan Tin | Ranganathan Shoba
Towards a career in bioinformatics

Author(s): Ranganathan Shoba
Optimising intraperitoneal gentamicin dosing in peritoneal dialysis patients with peritonitis (GIPD) study

Author(s): Ranganathan Dwarakanathan | Varghese Julie | Fassett Robert | Lipman Jeffrey | D'Intini Vincent | Healy Helen | Roberts Jason
Extending Asia Pacific bioinformatics into new realms in the "-omics" era

Author(s): Ranganathan Shoba | Eisenhaber Frank | Tong Joo | Tan Tin
A multi-factor model for caspase degradome prediction

Author(s): Wee Lawrence | Tong Joo Chuan | Tan Tin Wee | Ranganathan Shoba
Know this field

Author(s): Lavanya N | Joshua Elizabeth | Umadevi K | Ranganathan K
P19-45. Development of a therapeutic HIV vaccine comprised of autologous dendritic cells loaded with a mixture of lipopeptide HIV antigens

Author(s): Cobb AJ | Mead H | Montes M | Ranganathan R | Burkeholder S | Perry-Finholt J | Palucka AK | King B | Sloan L | Levy Y | Roberts LK | Banchereau J
The prevalence of oral mucosal lesions in alcohol misusers in Chennai, south India

Author(s): Rooban T | Rao Anita | Joshua Elizabeth | Ranganathan K
Comparison of markers of oxidative stress, inflammation and arterial stiffness between incident hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients – an observational study

Author(s): Fassett Robert | Driver Ritza | Healy Helen | Ranganathan Dwarakanathan | Ratanjee Sharad | Robertson Iain | Geraghty Dominic | Sharman James | Coombes Jeff
Emerging strengths in Asia Pacific bioinformatics

Author(s): Ranganathan Shoba | Hsu Wen-Lian | Yang Ueng-Cheng | Tan Tin Wee
CMKb: a web-based prototype for integrating Australian Aboriginal customary medicinal plant knowledge

Author(s): Gaikwad Jitendra | Khanna Varun | Vemulpad Subramanyam | Jamie Joanne | Kohen Jim | Ranganathan Shoba
Dental and oral health status in drug abusers in Chennai, India: A cross-sectional study

Author(s): Rooban T | Rao Anita | Joshua Elizabeth | Ranganathan K
Peutz-Jeghers syndrome with prominent palmoplantar pigmentation

Author(s): Shivaswamy K | Shyamprasad A | Sumathy T | Ranganathan C
Emergency therapeutic leukapheresis in a case of acute myeloid leukemia M5

Author(s): Ranganathan Sudha | Sesikeran Shyamala | Gupta Vineet | Vanajakshi
Bioinformatics research in the Asia Pacific: a 2007 update

Author(s): Ranganathan Shoba | Gribskov Michael | Tan Tin
A transcriptomic analysis of the adult stage of the bovine lungworm, Dictyocaulus viviparus

Author(s): Ranganathan Shoba | Nagaraj Shivashankar | Hu Min | Strube Christina | Schnieder Thomas | Gasser Robin
Haemorrhaging lesion in the breast: is there a role for embolisation?

Author(s): NA Taib | CH Yip | S Ranganathan | F Moosa | KS Mun
In silico characterization of immunogenic epitopes presented by HLA-Cw*0401

Author(s): Tong Joo Chuan | Zhang Zong Hong | August J Thomas | Brusic Vladimir | Tan Tin Wee | Ranganathan Shoba
Effect of socio-economic status on the prevalence of dermatophytosis in Madras

Author(s): Ranganathan S | Menon Thangam | Selvi Sentamil | Kamalam A
Extensive tinea corporis caused by T verrucosum in a patient of HIV infection

Author(s): Balajee Arun Mozhi | Menon Thangam | Ranganathan S | Thirunavukkarasu
Vitiligo : a study of 998 cases attending KEM Hospital in Pune

Author(s): Tawade Y | Parakh A | Bharatia P | Gokhale B | Ranganathan H | Deshpande D
Effect of glutathione on arecanut treated normal human buccal fibroblast culture.

Author(s): Saraswathi T | Sheeba T | Nalinkumar S | Ranganathan K
Prevalence of oral lesions in relation to habits : Cross-sectional study in South India.

Author(s): Saraswathi T | Ranganathan K | Shanmugam S | Sowmya R | Narasimhan Prem | Gunaseelan R
Oral submucous fibrosis: A clinico-histopathological study in Chennai

Author(s): Kiran Kumar K | Saraswathi T | Ranganathan K | Uma Devi M | Elizabeth Joshua
Changing skin color: Evolution and modern trends

Author(s): Radhakrishnan N | Vijayachandra K | Ranganathan S
Expression profiling of genes regulated by TGF-beta: Differential regulation in normal and tumour cells

Author(s): Ranganathan Prathibha | Agrawal Animesh | Bhushan Raghu | Chavalmane Aravinda | Kalathur Ravi | Takahashi Takashi | Kondaiah Paturu
Establishing bioinformatics research in the Asia Pacific

Author(s): Ranganathan Shoba | Tammi Martti | Gribskov Michael | Tan Tin Wee
SVM-based prediction of caspase substrate cleavage sites

Author(s): Wee Lawrence | Tan Tin | Ranganathan Shoba

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