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The role of 99mTc-MIBI scientimammography in diagnosis of breast cancer

Author(s): Falamaki MN | Ghadimi Mahani M | Alavi M | Talei A | Rasekhi AR
Report of CNS Imaging Findings in 9 Cases of Methanol Toxicity

Author(s): S. Sefidbakht | A.R Rasekhi | K. Kamali | A. Borhan Haghighi | A. Salouti | M.Meshksar | H.R Abbasi
Clinical Manifestations and MRI Findings of Patients with Hydrated and Dehydrated Lumbar Disk Herniation

Author(s): A.R. Rasekhi | A.R Babaahmadi | R. Assadsangabi | A. Nabavizadeh
Chrysomya bezziana as a Causative Agent of Human Myiasis in Fars Province, Southern Iran

Author(s): A Faramarzi | AR Rasekhi | M Kalantari | GR Hatam

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