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HAT: Hypergeometric Analysis of Tiling-arrays with application to promoter-GeneChip data

Author(s): Taskesen Erdogan | Beekman Renee | de Ridder Jeroen | Wouters Bas | Peeters Justine | Touw Ivo | Reinders Marcel | Delwel Ruud
Delineation of amplification, hybridization and location effects in microarray data yields better-quality normalization

Author(s): Hulsman Marc | Mentink Anouk | van Someren Eugene | Dechering Koen | de Boer Jan | Reinders Marcel
A comprehensive sensitivity analysis of microarray breast cancer classification under feature variability

Author(s): Sontrop Herman | Moerland Perry | van den Ham René | Reinders Marcel | Verhaegh Wim
Metabolic pathway alignment between species using a comprehensive and flexible similarity measure

Author(s): Li Yunlei | de Ridder Dick | de Groot Marco | Reinders Marcel
Combinatorial effects of environmental parameters on transcriptional regulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: A quantitative analysis of a compendium of chemostat-based transcriptome data

Author(s): Knijnenburg Theo | Daran Jean-Marc | van den Broek Marcel | Daran-Lapujade Pascale | de Winde Johannes | Pronk Jack | Reinders Marcel | Wessels Lodewyk
Analysis of mass spectrometry data using sub-spectra

Author(s): Meuleman Wouter | Engwegen Judith | Gast Marie-Christine | Wessels Lodewyk | Reinders Marcel
Knowledge driven decomposition of tumor expression profiles

Author(s): van Vliet Martin | Wessels Lodewyk | Reinders Marcel
Pooling breast cancer datasets has a synergetic effect on classification performance and improves signature stability

Author(s): van Vliet Martin | Reyal Fabien | Horlings Hugo | van de Vijver Marc | Reinders Marcel | Wessels Lodewyk
Comparison of normalisation methods for surface-enhanced laser desorption and ionisation (SELDI) time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometry data

Author(s): Meuleman Wouter | Engwegen Judith | Gast Marie-Christine | Beijnen Jos | Reinders Marcel | Wessels Lodewyk
SIRAC: Supervised Identification of Regions of Aberration in aCGH datasets

Author(s): Lai Carmen | Horlings Hugo | van de Vijver Marc | van Beers Eric | Nederlof Petra | Wessels Lodewyk | Reinders Marcel
Exploiting combinatorial cultivation conditions to infer transcriptional regulation

Author(s): Knijnenburg Theo | de Winde Johannes | Daran Jean-Marc | Daran-Lapujade Pascale | Pronk Jack | Reinders Marcel | Wessels Lodewyk
A comparison of univariate and multivariate gene selection techniques for classification of cancer datasets

Author(s): Lai Carmen | Reinders Marcel | van't Veer Laura | Wessels Lodewyk
The effect of oligonucleotide microarray data pre-processing on the analysis of patient-cohort studies

Author(s): Verhaak Roel | Staal Frank | Valk Peter | Lowenberg Bob | Reinders Marcel | de Ridder Dick
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