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Subamolide B Isolated from Medicinal Plant Cinnamomum subavenium Induces Cytotoxicity in Human Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells through Mitochondrial and CHOP-Dependent Cell Death Pathways

Author(s): Shu-Yi Yang | Hui-Min Wang | Tai-Wen Wu | Yi-Ju Chen | Jeng-Jer Shieh | Ju-Hwa Lin | Tsing-Fen Ho | Ren-Jie Luo | Chung-Yi Chen | Chia-Che Chang
Alpha B-crystallin is a new prognostic marker for laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma

Author(s): Mao Yuan | Zhang Da-Wei | Lin Hong | Xiong Lin | Liu Ying | Li Qing-Dong | Ma Jun | Cao Qing | Chen Ren-Jie | Zhu Jin | Feng Zhen-Qing
Progress of Research on the Manganese Oxide Ion-sieve for Extracting Lithium

Author(s): LI Li, LIU Fang, WU Feng, CHEN Ren-Jie
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