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The Effect of Glycyrrhetinic Acid on Pharmacokinetics of Cortisone and Its Metabolite Cortisol in Rats

Author(s): Dan Lin | Wei Sun | Zhe Wang | Lian-Guo Chen | Xiao-Le Chen | Shuang-Hu Wang | Wan-Shu Li | Ren-Shan Ge | Guo-Xin Hu
Bird’s Eye View on the Recent Advances in Drug Delivery Systems

Author(s): Pramod Vishwanath Prasad | Pramod Chandra Pal | D. Nageswara Rao | Tulsidas G. Shrivastav | Ren-Shan Ge
Inhibitors of Testosterone Biosynthetic and Metabolic Activation Enzymes

Author(s): Leping Ye | Zhi-Jian Su | Ren-Shan Ge
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